Samsung Galaxy S8 might take better selfies than the competition thanks to.. autofocus

Autofocus is nothing new or revolutionary today, and we take it for granted. In fact, we take it for granted so much that many of you might have never noticed or cared that your phone’s selfie camera doesn’t feature any autofocus. It is a rarity in the smartphone industry to have autofocus on the front camera and for good reasons.

That could change in the near future however. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s front-facing camera may include autofocus (AF) functionality, according to a report from Korean news site etnewsSamsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-front-facing-camera.jpg

Autofocus, laser autofocus, and phase detection autofocus are terms you hear thrown around when it comes to rear-facing cameras. This makes sense especially when you consider that autofocus isn’t necessarily a key feature you need to have when it comes to grabbing that selfie, and other features like a wider aperture, or wider angle lens, or a larger sensor would be more preferred.

However as said, Samsung could be changing things up by giving the front camera of the Galaxy S8 autofocusing. “People are starting to take more selfies and number of demands for cameras that take selfies with higher qualities is increasing,” an industry representative told etnews. “It is heard that Samsung Electronics has decided to [include autofocus] for Galaxy S8 in order to differentiate its flagship Smartphone.”

A front camera with automatic focus will be able to take clearer pictures of objects that aren’t just at arm’s length, but are situated at various distances in the frame. I can’t exactly point out how big of a change this will make to the front camera since there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration, but it couldn’t make it worse right?

etnews also reports that Samsung will use a slimmer technology for its front camera’s autofocus module compared to the rear camera’s to ensure that it doesn’t stick out. Naturally, when asked for comments, Samsung replied with “We cannot discuss any information regarding new products that are not commercialized yet.”

So as with all rumours and speculation surrounding the Galaxy S8, this one should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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