Google Playstore is apparently rolling out an all new card UI

While this is not the search results redesign I have witnessed, and is nothing similar to the one previously reported, plenty of online reports claim the Google Play Store is rolling out a server-side update with a redesigned search results UI based on big cards.

It’s not exactly clear how this new layout will work quite yet but it is more widespread than one might think. Some users over on Google+ are also seeing the new interface. So far we just have this video below, created by user Rony Mishchuk, who claims to have the update.

The Playstore app’s homepage will reportedly remain the same, and the initial response to this UI change seems to be positive. While on one hand you see less results at a time, this removes all the going back and forth to check out an app’s information before deciding to not download that one and moving onto the next.

The cards can be swiped easily and the animations appear quite smooth but apart from all these users reporting this, there is no other reputable source to confirm this. I have a few devices running Android Nougat and none of them seem to have such an update. So for now, just treat this as a rumour but if you’ve got this update, do take a screenshot and share it on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages.

The post will be updated as and when there is more information about this update.

Via : 9to5Google

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