Sony’s second flagship Xperia XZ receives the sweet Nougat update

Did Sony’s roadmap for rolling out the Nougat update sound too good to be true? It kind of was since October came and went, and so did November and yet the company couldn’t manage to roll out a public preview of the latest OS build for even one of its two flagships. But just on the last day of November, that is yesterday, Sony began rolling out the Nougat update to unlocked versions of Xperia X Performance.

Just a day after, Sony’s second flagship, the slightly beefier and prettier Xperia XZ is reportedly receiving the update in many parts of the world.


The update brings build number 39.2.A.0.327, and is rolling out initially to the unlocked variant (F8331) as well as the dual-SIM model (F8332). The update itself brings multi-window mode, improvements to Stamina battery-saver mode, enhancements to the camera, customisable quick settings, redesigned notifications and more.


This is quite an accomplishment for an OEM not really celebrated for it’s software makeover promptness considering Samsung hasn’t yet updated a single Galaxy device to Android 7.0 while HTC and LG  have just one device each under their belts that has been updated to Nougat. Over all, LG and Sony can both boast of two devices running Nougat while Motorola is far ahead with it’s entire Moto Z family.

The next OEMs to join the nougat league could be OnePlus and Samsung with the OnePlus 3/3T duo expected to receive the Android 7.0 update before the end of 2016.

Via : XperiaBlog

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