Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : stereo speakers but no headphone jack

Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S8 is still a good few months away but it has seen its fare share of leaks and rumours. Samsung only acquired audio technology expert Harman for $8 billion last month, but fingers are already pointing to Harman branded speakers for the Galaxy S8. Fone Arena has cited sources as saying the next Galaxy will have double the number of speakers as the Galaxy S7, which will put it on a level playing field with the Apple iPhone 7, which has also just received dual stereo speakers for the first time.


The site also expects the Galaxy S8 to launch with a 5.7 inch and 6.2 inch variant which has previously been rumoured as well. Considering that a 4K Super AMOLED display has been rumoured time and time again for the Galaxy S8, a larger display size of 6.2-inches would make a lot of sense and not only improve things for virtual reality, but also make better use of such a high resolution.

As for the 5.7-inch version, it’s likely that this is to replace the standard Galaxy S model that Samsung has released for the past couple of years now. Ballooning screen sizes don’t always mean ballooning phone sizes, as we’ve seen with devices like the LG V20 as well as the Huawei Mate 9 a large display does not always mean a large phone.

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These rumours don’t appear to hold too much weight, as there’s little to back them up, but there’s a good chance that Samsung is looking to bridge the gap between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines with a larger Galaxy to kick the year off with. Specially when the Galaxy S8 is rumoured to feature a 90% screen to body ratio, this looks like a good opportunity to go big.

Rumours about Harman branded speakers also don’t seem very likely, but they could be licensed by Harman. The deal between Samsung and Harman was only just recently announced, and has yet to be finalized. Stereo speakers are of course a possible inclusion, but Samsung themselves have already said that the Harman Kardon brand is something that the firm will consider using on their smartphones starting 2018, not next year. In the audio department, the Galaxy S8 will get mixed reactions as it adds, and removes, features in this area. As a shocker, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the next smartphone that will ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack slot, as per report from Sammobile

Source : FoneArena


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