Google search is testing at least three new-ish features

We’ve seen quite a few server side updates being tested and implemented across Google apps over the years and in recent months Google has been really active about them. You might have noticed the new Google Playstore look already.

The Search app from Google on Android has also seen some fair share of tests and it seems Google is at it again and this time it is testing at least three features simultaneously all of which seem to be accessible from the side menu. 


You must have come across a feature on the official Facebook app for Android wherein Facebook suggests to notify you when the comments are loaded or to save a link for viewing later when you’re on a slow network.

The Google search app has previously tested something similar where instead of dismissing your failed search due to a slow network, showed a notification when you got onto a better network regarding your failed search. It was a little buggy at the time but Google seems to have found th proper way to implement it this time.

You get a new Manage searches option in the side menu tapping which lets you see all pending searches that haven’t been performed yet. It can be toggled on or off via the settings menu in the Google app.

Viewing your recent searches could also get easier with a new recent search tab. Accessible also via the side menu, it opens up a side-scrolling list of all your recent searches with large thumbnails of the last result page. The large thumbnails help you get a quick overview and find an answer if it’s there or you could just tap on the thumbnail to perform the search again. That’s pretty neat. But if there was a search you performed and had to view multiple pages, Google also stores that information for you with a blue indicator at the bottom with a number showing how many ages you visited related to your search.

There’s a new Lite mode which is essentially an option in the side menu that lets you easily view your setting for Google Web Light and access its setting quickly to change between on, off, and automatic (only on slow connections). Its that thing – which again you may have noticed when browsing sites on a slower connection – where Google optimizes the web page stripping it out of superfluous content while keeping the important parts.

It should not be confused with AMP pages which were introduced to Google search back in September. The difference lies in the fact that AMP pages are like Facebook Instant Articles where the developer has to optimize their page for AMP and works only when such an optimized page is available while the Lite mode just works regardless if a page is optimized or not.

I like the recent searches better than the other two probably because it looks fancier? Which of these three features would you like to become official if not all the three?

Source : Android Police

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