Teamwin releases its first official TWRP app on the Playstore

If you aren’t already aware what TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is, its a custom made recovery for android devices that allows you to flash custom roms and mods, create and restore backups of ROMS and much more which is all so much fun if you haven’t tried. There have been quite a few custom recoveries over the years but TWRP has come out as a new standard I should say, replacing the Clockwork recovery. There is a reason for this — it is stable (mostly), feature packed, powerful, versatile and the developers are extremely active and knowledgeable.

The developers have now released their first app to the Play Store making flashing things a tad bit easier.


The Google Play Store app allows users a quick and easy way to check to see if a new version image of TWRP for your smartphone is available, and if so to download it to your device. An app that installs and updates the recovery on your device is nothing new, not even for TWRP as there have been unofficial apps from other developers that did the job quite well. The official TWRP app has both root and non-root functions, the former obviously requiring the appropriate permissions.

The app doesn’t require root to check for the versions, but to do any flashing it will need root access, obviously. As you can see in the screenshots above, the app gives the option of flashing to either the recovery or boot partitions. As always with things related to flashing and rooting, you should know what you’re doing. For instance, flashing a TWRP image to the boot partition is a no no. Only flash boot images to the boot partition.

The app has been labeled by its developer as an “open beta” so there might be a few bugs that will show up that will have to be fixed in future versions but it is completely free, without any in-app purchases, which is always nice to see, and can be downloaded from Google Play using the link down below.



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