Samsung Galaxy S8 prices could start at $950 ; 20% more than the Galaxy S7 devices

At this point, it needs no explaining how important the success of the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone is for Samsung. It has already missed a huge opportunity with the Galaxy Note 7 which cost the Korean company a reported $3 billion. But if a new report is to be believed, with all sorts of fancy specs rumoured for the Galaxy S8, comes a significant price bump as well. And that’s never a good thing.

The next model(s) will apparently cost more than the current crop, with a price hike of up to 20 per cent being touted in a new report by ChoiceNews


According to Goldman Sachs estimates, consumers can expect to pay 15-20 per cent more for the privilege of owning the Galaxy S8 compared with the Galaxy S7 series. The finance company clarified that this price increase will primarily be caused by the rumoured enhanced AI digital assistant – Viv -which could be integrated into the device. As explained by Goldman Sachs, Viv integration will result in increased raw material prices which the South Korean tech giant is expected to pass on to consumers.

The practice of passing on production costs to consumers is neither new, nor unexpected from a company that is there to make profits. Of course, that doesn’t mean all consumers will be thrilled if this predicted price increase ends up happening. Considering how the Galaxy S7 Edge started at around $800, this report suggests that the Galaxy S8 could retail for approximately $950.

The ongoing rumours about the device – and there are a lot of them – making the Galaxy S8 sound like a dream device sitting on the bleeding edge of tech, coupled with the fact that  Sammy has quite a lot of money to recoup from lost Note 7 sales, mean this report can’t entirely be dismissed.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the Galaxy S8 will even ship with Viv seeing how it’s possible Google will prevent Samsung from integrating it.

But what do you think? Would you be ready to pay that kind of a price for a phone?

Via : Sammobile

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