CyanogenMod’s new avatar, Lineage OS kicks off the new year with a new logo

Not only was 2016 the year many famous people died, it will also be marked as the year, at least in our calendars, as the year when the most popular custom Android rom, CyanogenMod died. The legacy continues however, in the form of Lineage OS, a CM fork that will be picking up where CM left (and hence the name).

It is still only a few weeks old and things are still falling into place even as many devices have started receiving official and unofficial builds of the OS. After a definite name, the custom rom now also has a new logo to start off 2017.lineage

A few hours ago, this image of three interconnected circles on a greenish background (above) was uploaded to Lineage’s Github and has since appeared on the official website as well. The background has changed from the light cyan of CyanogenMod to the green water of LineageOS, and the foreground seems to allude the OS’s namesake depicting its lineage.

This is still very early for LineageOS and we’re sure to receive new bits and pieces of information as the year passes by, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few tweaks in the logo moving forward.

Have you tried the new OS yet? How does it compare to CyanogenMod in your view?


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