Samsung will reveal the reason for the Galaxy Note 7 disaster this month

Ever since Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 units started smoking and blowing up, there have been several theories put forward to explain the whole scenario and Samsung was investigating the issue as well. Many earlier explanations put the blame on the battery, and Samsung issued a recall, but when the devices with “safe” and replaced batteries started exploding as well, the Korean smartphone maker had to pull the device off the market entirely.

According to South Korean daily JoongAng Ilbo,  Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has concluded its investigation, and will reveal the results of the probe by mid-January.note_7

A combination of factors is said to have contributed to the failure of the phone, and Samsung will be looking to share the findings as a way to regain much-need consumer trust and ensure it doesn’t do the same mistakes again.

As reported by Reuters, he South Korean electronics company said in October that it was looking into all aspects of the Note 7 in order to arrive at a definitive cause behind the numerous explosion. The company thinks that there might be a combination of factors that propelled one of the biggest blunders and one of the costliest failures in product safety the tech world has ever seen.

So many theories have been offered that attempt to explain the cause, and from what can be gathered from these theories, the device’s faulty battery caused the explosions. People will soon know if this is indeed true or not.

According to a report by the research firm called Apteligent , as of last week, the number of Galaxy Note 7 units in use were more than the LG V20 and OnePlus 3T combined.

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