Sony intends to stick with the 3.5mm headphone jack for now

When Apple introduced an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack because they were the only company with enough ‘courage’, it was speculated that other Android manufacturers will follow suit. LeEco along with Motorola went ahead and got rid of it even before Apple could just to beat Cupertino and be the ones to start a trend.

However, at least Sony – the maker of some the first water-resistant smartphones while keeping the headphone jack in tow – is not that interested in removing the headphone jack, for now.


According to ePrice, Sony made the claims at a press briefing in Japan in December, while stating its plans to focus on improving its High-Res audio in its Xperia smartphones along with other products such as the Walkman and we would expect the company to continue to develop this experience. Sony was one of the companies that helped become the 3.5mm headphone jack become as universal as it is today when the Walkman manufacturer included the headphone jack in its then popular audio products.

Sony may not be doing as well in the smartphone game as Samsung, and they have no one to blame, but the Japanese giant has been making audio products that date well before the arrival of smartphones and will be no doubt keen to uphold its reputation with regards to sound quality.

Sony’s love for the universal audio port hasn’t yet died, but against the dominating force of Apple and the other Android manufacturers who might switch, it can’t be said how long that love will last.

How do you see Sony’s decision to stick with an “old” but loved audio port?

Via : Xperiablog

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