This Google Pixel concept is what we wish the Pixel was

So the Google Pixel finally happened last year. It received some flak from some very passionate Nexus lovers sure, but since Google didn’t expect to sell as much as they did, and since almost every reviewer/smartphone-critic went ahead and called it the best Android smartphone of the year (thanks to the Note 7 for quitting the competition), I believe it is safe to say the Pixel was a success.

But the Pixel was not without its flaws. The most talked about of which were its pricing, lack of water resistance and the generic design. You’d never get that feeling of holding a $800 smartphone, of course there will always be exceptions. Designer Milineam N from behance has come up with an exciting new concept of Google’s flagship which we can only assume is meant to be of the next Google Pixel phone since it is not explicitly stated.Google-Pixel-Concept-9.jpg

The design of the concept phone takes heavy inspiration from the currently available Pixel and Pixel XL, but also very clearly has a set of differences that, depending on your outlook of the original phone’s design, may refine the style a little bit. Clearly visible in the above image are dual front facing stereo speakers (and an earpiece, a third speaker?) and chamfered edges running around the device.

The use of a single speaker on the Pixel and Pixel XL has been one of the bigger complaints about the device soon after it first launched, and its placement on the bottom only made things worse as it was easy to cover up.


Another thing to notice is a thinner bottom chin despite dual speakers. One of the few flaws of the original Pixel is its huge bottom chin that makes me think of an abandoned land in the middle of a crowded city. There’s something that should be there but it’s not and it is blasphemous.


Also notice the placement of the camera module which looks quite good up and centre don’t you think? The back seems glossy and is perhaps imagined by the designer to be a glass back but I’m sure most of us would prefer something that retains the shining and is not a fingerprint magnet. Something like the back of an Xperia XZ. There’s the ‘G’ at the bottom which I’d prefer wasn’t monotonous and was right under the fingerprint reader instead.

What do you think about this concept? Do you think it would have made a better $800 phone?

Via : TechDroider

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