Samsung Galaxy S8’s assistant Bixby might be a big step ahead than others

It’s really no secret that Samsung wants in on the whole AI-powered personal assistant bandwagon. After all, it did purchase Viv Labs, founded by Siri’s original creators. Rumoured to be known as Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant is said to be arriving with the Galaxy S8 and will be leaps and bounds ahead of the not so impressive S Voice. The new virtual assistant is even tipped to be accessible on all native apps. Now, a fresh leak gives an insight on how Bixby will work inside the Galaxy S8 camera app.


According to the report by Sammobile, Bixby will also have the capability to make visual searches and using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool through the smartphone’s camera. The standard camera app on the S8 will be featuring its own button for Bixby, which will give access to a search tool that will then process whatever object the camera is pointed at; the assistant will then analyse the image and be able to identify the objects. Optical Character Recognition will help process any text that is seen by the camera.

The functionality appears to be similar to Google Goggles, an app that performs similar object and text recognition from images, but it is claimed Bixby will take the concept further. A “high degree of interconnectedness to other applications” will let detected items and language to be used in other apps, such as to help find where to buy a detected product, or to offer to buy it for the user through an online store.

While you’re out shopping, for example, you might be able to use Bixby to identify a product, find the same online at a cheaper price, and then purchase it without leaving the Bixby interface. Or you could use it to turn handwritten text into digital notes. The possibilities are quite a few.

Bixby’s functionality, however, isn’t limited to simply searching online or shopping. At launch, however, those might very well be the two things it will be able to do, with more to follow. That is, if Bixby really takes off. Samsung’s track record in this area isn’t very impressive but it should be noted that Samsung now owns a lot more properties, technologies, and businesses, from SmartThings to, soon, HARMAN, which could give Bixby an edge over its rivals.

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