Open Gapps now lets you optionally install Google Assistant

Google Assistant was introduced at Google I/O last year as a more personal assistant than Google Now but later when it launched, it was exclusive for the Google made hardware such as the Google Pixel, Google Home, and Android TV. We also got a glimpse of Google Assistant with Allo which could be installed on any android or iOS smartphone, but the assistant works only with texts. Other than that, Google Assistant is available on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) and is rumoured to be a part of the upcoming LG G6 as


Of course, it didn’t take long for developers to find out ways to bring the Google Assistant to almost all Android devices running Android 6.0 and above. Now popular Google Apps package provider ‘Open GApps‘ team has made enabling Assistant a little easier by adding an option to enable Google Assistant during installation of Open GApps.

This can be super helpful to users of custom ROMs (like me) who lament having to remember to modify the build.prop after rebooting. Sure modifying build.prop is like the easiest way to modify other than just flashing things but it would be even easier now that it can be done while still in recovery.

Starting February 3, all builds of Gapps from Open Gapps will have the option to enable Google Assistant. Users will be prompted to enable the build.prop modification while in the AROMA installation environment. If you prefer one of the non-GUI installers, you can add the ‘GoogleAssistant’ keyword to the gapps-config file.

This option will remain as an opt-only since Google Assistant has yet to learn a lot and it still is quite behind Google Now in terms of being useful.

Source: GitHub

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