LG G6 invite hints at a ‘Full Vision’ near bezel-less display

LG usually drops hints regarding its product as and how it nears the launch date and the promotions for LG G6 are not much different. The company already notified that it will be holding a press event on February 26th and today the sent out another teaser image confirming that the LG G6 will indeed be a big part of the announcement if not the only part. The invite places the LG G6 as having a “Big Screen That Fits.”lg-g6-invite-teaser.jpg

While LG hasn’t confirmed many details about the device, they have been talking about the display which is a 5.7-inch QHD+ display with an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio which the company believes is a more immersive experience than the usual 16:9. Other than these marketing aspects the company hasn’t really talked a lot about the device.

Similarly the invite yet again teases a near bezel-less display that is reportedly being called a “Full Vision” display by the company. Rumours claim that the device will be featuring last year’s Snapdragon 821 because Samsung bought all the Snapdragon 835 chips. LG is expected to keep the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, throw in a rear facing dual camera setup, and a front camera that could double as an iris scanner.

The device is rumoured to go on sale in South Korea on March 9 and a US release is expected on the 7th of April. With Samsung’s Galaxy S8 out of the way, the spotlight at MWC is going to be on the LG G6 and the company seemingly knows it. The display will be seeing a major overhaul on the Galaxy S8 and it’s not surprise that LG is hyping up its own display tech featured on the LG G6 already.

Are you sold on the hype?

Via : Engadget

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