Google’s Material Design lead Nicholas Jitkoff is leaving the company

Nicholas Jitkoff has been with Google for over a decade, since 2006 as a designer and lead the team responsible for the company’s Material Design for Android apps. To say the design language was successful would be an understatement. However, Jitkoff is now departing from the company for another gig. Dropbox, the cloud storage company has announced that Jitkoff would be its new VP of design. 


Nicholas Jitkoff announced his departure via twitter thanking Google and its employees for a “wonderful ten years.”

Dropbox says Nicholas has been “an active Dropbox user since our inception” and it makes sense for them to want someone like him who could help their foray into newer markets working closely with the Engineering and Product teams at Dropbox, and growing the various design oriented teams along with UX writing and Design research. The cloud storage company has set its sight towards the enterprise market and having an attractive, cohesive design is just the first step.

Dropbox has said that the multidisciplinary will now be leading the company’s design team to define “their vision for Dropbox” in its continuing goal to unify its own products across several platforms.

Dropbox has been a direct competitor to Google’s own cloud storage service since it launched in 2012 as Google Drive. Dropbox had been on the scene since 2008. The company even launched Dropbox Paper recently which apart from editing word documents allows importing them from other services, to compete with Google Docs.However Jitkoff’s departure from Google isn’t surrounded by any controversies and seems to have happened on the best of terms.

Source: Dropbox

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