Nokia at MWC : Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and the legendary Nokia 3310

The Nokia 6 will be seen at the MWC, that’s a given but it is not something you’d call new and exciting anymore. The Nokia 6 however will have some company according to recent rumors. Nokia is expected to launch Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 as well as the iconic Nokia 3310. Yes, that Nokia phone you see all over your social media feed touted as being indestructible.  nokia

‘Nothing sells like Nostalgia’ seems to be Nokia’s business policy here. Nokia 3310 was here almost a decade before smartphones were a thing. According to VentureBeat the legendary feature phone will make a comeback with a price point of €59 (₹4200). Nokia 5 will allegedly cost €200 ($299), while the Nokia 3 will be €50 cheaper ($224).

The Nokia 6 was a mid range android smartphone with almost flagship level specs, much in line with the likes of the OnePlus 3T. Nokia 5 is slated to be just a slightly smaller version of Nokia 6 with a 5.2″ display and 2GB of RAM for a price cut of $50. Nokia 3 is almost identical to Nokia 5 with a 13MP rear facing shooter and a 5MP selfie camera.

The only difference being that the Nokia 5 would be powered by Snapdragon 430, while the Nokia 3 would feature a Snapdragon 425 chipset. This may not seem like much of a difference, but it actually is. The Snapdragon 425 has half as many cores as the Snapdragon 430 and a much older GPU (Adreno 308 vs. 505). Nokia 3 is expected to be the entry-level offering from Nokia although the pricing seems a little on the higher side for an entry level smartphone. We’ll have to wait and see how that turns out.

As for the Nokia 3310, HMD Global inherited all of Nokia’s feature phone business when they acquired the company from Microsoft, and commands a significant market share which it can’t afford to lose, not until its smartphone business picks up. Nokia 3310 is thus an effort aimed towards that feature phone market that does exist, even though we never talk about it. It will be promoted as a second phone for users yearning for simpler times.

Wold you be interested?

Via : NPU

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