Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ color variants leaked along with pricing

Samsung has made it pretty clear that we wouldn’t be seeing the Galaxy S8 at MWC but it will reveal the official unveiling date at its MWC event. Some reports claim the smartphone could be teased at the event with a one minute video but nothing can be said for sure right now. So for now, we’re stuck with leaks and rumours and today we have one, and its new, at least. It’s not yet another leak about how great the display will be but about the colour options from an alleged Ukrainain retailer’s database.


SamMobile‘s report mentions the Galaxy S8 (SM-G950) and Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955) that are listed along with colour options and prices. Unfortunately, images of the color variants weren’t revealed. If one is to believe this leaked database, it seems we’ll have a choice between Black, Gold, and Orchid Gray when the phones eventually launch, which should be somewhere from late March to April, we’ll know soon.

The prices are listed in Ukrainian Hryvnia but roughly estimating, its $960 (£775) for the S8 and $1070 (£865) for the larger S8 Plus. Rumours of the price hike seem true if this leak is to be believed, and it does make sense, however, I’m not sure how many people want to buy a thousand dollar phone. That said, the price could change between countries, so there’s no guarantee we’ll be shelling out close to a grand for the next Samsung handset.

We’ll find out how that turns out to be, the launch is not that far away.


The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are said to come both with a curved display and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC inside and at least until their launch, you won’t be seeing any other smartphones with a Snapdragon 835.

Source :  Erazmus (Twitter)


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