Google Playstore testing a refresh button on the new My apps screen also in testing

The Google Playstore has come a long way from its gingerbread days and mostly for the better. In fact, many will even agree finding apps on the Playstore is now easier than doing so on Apple’s Appstore, although, that’s not to say it does not have anymore room to improve. Google is now testing a redesigned ‘My apps & games’ section which makes it easier to categorize your apps. 

Image Credit : Android Police

Instead of just ‘Installed’ and ‘All’, the new redesign categorizes apps into the following four categories.

  • Updates : which obviously lists all the installed apps that need an update
  • Installed : lists all the apps currently installed on the phone
  • Library : lists all the apps that you had installed at some point but are currently not installed.
  • Beta : this lists all the beta apps you’ve signed up for.

That’s not all however. The Installed tab now looks a bit different too. First of all there is now a much needed option to sort apps alphabetically, by size, by last used or by last updated.  Then there is also the ‘Open’ button for apps that do not currently have an update.  That means apps can be directly opened from here, without needing to first open their Playstore page.

Image Credit : Android Police

Separating the Updates tab also makes it possible to label each app listing with appropriate sizes. For example, now you can see the full size of an installed app in the Installed tab while the Updates tab shows you the update size. Notice the full size of the Google app in the above image is 203MB, while its update size is 20MB. Also notice the ‘last used’ timestamp on each app listing in the Installed tab while the Updates tab shows you the timestamp for when the app was last updated.

When there is no update available under the Updates tab, a card showing the same appears along with a ‘refresh’ icon pressing which, as you can guess, checks for new updates. You can see the new UI in action in the video below :

As usual this is a server side rollout, a pretty limited one, so its unclear how and when it will officially roll out. While you wait though, what you think of the new UI ?

Source : Android Police

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