LG G6 will have dual 13MP wide-angle cameras : LG

LG has been been busy creating hype around the LG G6, and so far has revealed details about its Full Vision Display, Quad DACs, UX 6.0, and the device’s water and dust resistance. Yes, they’ve confirmed it all. And now the South Korean company has revealed details about the camera on the LG G6 ahead of its MWC launch. The device will feature dual 13 mega pixel cameras, the same as can be found on the LG V20 and LG G5  (with different resolutions). lg-g6-camera-field-of-view2.jpg

LG says the wide angle cameras will be capable of producing shots with a 125 degree field of view while there will be a selfie camera with 100 degree wide-angle lens and its resolution remains unknown for now.

The company also talks about LG G6 users being able to take 360 degree panorama shots, produce GIFs from photos, and use a square camera that splits the screen so you can see the shot you just took while lining up for the next. This feature will let users capture images in 1:1 instagram ready format and review them as well simultaneously. There’s also a food mode which boosts color saturation.

The 18:9 aspect ratio of the LG G6’s display would be able to take advantage of these wide angle shots like none other, at least according to LG. The G6 is to be unveiled at the MWC on February 26th, and the Galaxy S8’s absence from the scene means more media coverage for LG’s flagship.

What are you thoughts on the LG G6 so far?

Source : LG Korea

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