Amazon Cloud failure caused some popular websites to go offline

Amazon Web Services (AWS) rents out its cloud servers to interested firms that may not be capable or simply do not wish to invest in creating their own infrastructure. So in other words, quite a lot of websites and services depend upon AWS for their proper functioning. However a breakdown at AWS’s facility in Virginia, US caused its S3 (Simple Storage) cloud storage to fail. As a result, several websites, including Quora – a Q&A forum, Imgur – an image hosting website and Trello, which helps people monitor productivity, went down. Also services such as Slack, workplace collaboration tool lost some key functionality. The internet giant has yet to reveal any details as to why it happened but after several hours of outage Amazon said it had rectified the problem.

Netflix, Yahoo webmail, Airbnb, and Spotify are among a list of other powerful names that depend on AWS however these did not suffer any sort of outage. Users did report slowdowns and performance issues on Tuesday when the incident occurred. This also affected some US government services such as Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). S3 is used by nearly 150,000 websites, including and

While AWS insisted this wasn’t an “outage” but rather a case of “increased error rates” developers and users didn’t seem to notice any difference between the two.

Amazon competes with the likes of Google and Microsoft among others for this lucrative line of business and clearly such an incident can prove bad for the company’s cloud services.

Source : Bloomberg


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