Control volume by swiping from the edge of screen on an Android device

One of the major disadvantages with hardware keys is they can be damaged. And we’ve all been there, a broken power button, stuck volume buttons. Such things can happen to even the most well made devices at times. Or may be your device has rather rigid buttons and it feels troublesome having to press them. I’ve personally faced that and the perfect solution to such a problem would be touch based controls. Thanks to a developer called clownFace, there is such an option for volume controls.

The app is simply called VolumeSlider and it is an intuitive way to adjust the volume of your device by just swiping from the edge of the screen. The fact that this works regardless of which app you have opened, and yet does not require any extra permissions only sweetens the deal. The app is available for free on the Google Playstore. Some might also appreciate the fact that changing volume via VolumeSlider is as unobtrusive as it gets without sacrificing visual aid. A toast message displays the increase or decrease in volume rather than Android’s volume dialogue.

It works quite similarly as the various app launchers that allow you to switch or open apps with a swipe.

Right off the bat, when you launch the app for the first time, you will see a narrow red bar on the edge of your screen which you would find familiar if you have used screen edge apps before. There’s a pop-up explaining the working, and the red bar disappears when you close the pop-up. To change the Volume, you don’t have to swipe right or left. You will need to touch and hold the screen inside the tiny trigger area until you feel a vibration, thereafter you can slide your finger up or down to raise or lower the volume respectively.

Enable the app via the toggle switch. VolumeSlider gives you a few options to customize the placement of trigger area and also which volume level do you wish to control. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the app doesn’t automatically decide which volume you might want to control at a particular moment. So you’ll have to set that up in the settings. Note that some of the options are only available via an in-app purchase of $0.99.


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