Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked in a new video

A new video has surfaced online showcasing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 giving us a full 360 degree view of Samsung’s next. There’s not a lot that is unknown about the Galaxy S8, not even its looks. However the video below shows the device in black, and it looks absolutely as stunning as the Galaxy Note 7 did. 

There’s no way to prove the authenticity of the video but the smartphone shown does indeed look like what we expect the Galaxy S8 to be. The back of the device is shown to have a finger print scanner on the right side of the camera which is right where previous leaks have suggested it would be.

Look real close at the video above and you’ll see an Iris scanner at the top of the display. It only appears for almost a brief second but it is something that we should all be looking forward to. This is the second time a Samsung device will feature an Iris-scanner, and the last one didn’t go very well for Samsung, no fault of the Iris scanner of course. But the Korean giant has had a lot of time to improve upon the previous iteration, not only the hardware but also how the software utilizes it.

Speaking of software and hardware, the Galaxy S8 will become the first in the lineup’s history to feature a dedicated virtual assistant. Termed as Bixby, the virtual assistant has been rumoured to have a dedicated button on the side of the device which can be seen in the video. It takes a bit of focus to notice the button since its all so ‘stealth black’ and beautiful.

Update : Instagram user 505nick who leaked the video has come up with another similarly short video on YouTube. Furthermore, Talk Android confirms that the videos are legit.

Both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have also been featured on Geekbench which you probably already know if you follow Verdict on twitter. We already know most of the specs for both the devices though and the Geekbench listings don’t provide any new information.

Source : Slashleaks

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