Download Xperia™ Loops LWP, Loops Theme, Weather, Clock Widget, Stock Wallpapers & Audio from Xperia XZs

Each iteration of the Sony Xperia flagship has almost always brought with it new themes and Live Wallpapers. Lately though it seemed Sony had decided to discontinue that trend since they did not launch any new live wallpapers after the Xperia Z5 line. Fortunately for fans though, Xperia XZ Premium and XZs did bring new themes and a new live wallpaper with them. The wallpaper is called Xperia Loops and is part of a new Xperia theme of the same name. 

The Xperia Loops live wallpaper and theme currently only work with Sony Xperia devices running on Android Nougat it seems. It has successfully been tested on Xperia XZ running Android 7.1.1. The clock and weather widgets seem to be  working on any Android device running Android Marshmallow and up.

We also got to see some new wallpapers which is a pretty standard affair with every new device launch, not just limited to Xperia devices.

There are a total of 4 new Xperia Loops static wallpapers (2160 x 1920px) in black, blue, yellow and white colors and 4 gradient wallpapers while the rest of the wallpapers are older. Not that it matters but in my opinion Sony could have done a better job with these  wallpapers. I’ve always loved their wallpapers and the new ones I don’t love so much. Maybe they’ll grow on me. Maybe not.

Take a look at them below. Download links are down below as well.


Do you like the new wallpapers? Did you manage to get the Live Wallpaper working on your device?

Source : PhonerX

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