Blackberry releases a new Privacy Shade app for Android

Since moving to Android, Blackberry has pivoted from a hardware manufacturer back to its roots, as a software company focused on privacy and security. Blackberry smartphones are now outsourced instead of being manufactured in-house by the company. As part of its new found direction, Blackberry has been releasing apps for the Android Platform. Continuing the tradition, after launching its Notable app last month, Blackberry has now released a new app called Privacy Shade.

This new app as the name obviously suggests is centered around user privacy letting the user is browse personal info, like email or text messages, without worrying about snoopers over his/her shoulder reading the messages, too. Living in India, I’ve often found myself in a crowd at public places with quite a few heads all around me while I use my phone. So I can totally understand the need for such an app. It obscures parts of your screen that you’re not viewing or don’t want someone else to be able to view while in a public place, like a train or a restaurant or a crowded lift. You’re still allowed to interact with the obscured parts however.


You can choose how dark or transparent you want the filter to be so anyone looking over your shoulder or from an angle may not be able to see anything while you might just be able to make it out. Users on Android 7.0 and above can assign a quick setting tile to the app for easier access while users of Blackberry devices with a convenience key can assign a key to the app. It can also be accessed via an optional dedicated notification in the notification shade.

If you often find yourself in similar situations as mentioned above, wishing you could somehow obstruct the snoopers around from seeing all that is on your screen or just a certain part of it, you can grab Privacy Shade from the Google Playstore right now.


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