Take the Google #myAndroid taste test and share your results

How often do you get bored with the way your smartphone looks currently? In my case, the answer was quite often. When I discovered the customization level on Android for the first time, I think I switched launchers or set ups almost every couple of days, luckily I have finally found a look I dig. But what about people who’re still looking out? I’m sure there are some. How about you let Google give you a hand finding your perfect homescreen? 

Tap First. Think Later.

Google now has a new tool online like the Android Tips and Tricks minisite to help Android users find a homescreen they will like based on some simple choices. The Taste Test will ask you a handful of different questions that Google wants you to answer impulsively. It takes no more than a minute and all you have to do is pick between two choices each time, like “Vibrant or muted” and “Maximalism or minimalism”

The options are in the form of pictorial cards often with animation too so it’s easy to visualize the kind of look you’re more inclined towards. The questions are of a wide range from light versus dark, patterned versus random to even questions that don’t make sense like if you see two hot dogs or a pair of legs or which way do you like your samwich. I don’t know if those kind of questions actually affect the result or is that just Google’s sense of humour? Might have to do an experiment later to find that out.


Once you finish with the quiz you’re presented with three different homescreen choices that it thinks you’ll like. You have to select one of them and then Google will offer to recommend you the apps to achieve the look. consist of a wallpaper, a launcher, widgets, and an icon pack and a keyboard. Links to each app in the Play Store are provided for easy downloading. The nice thing about it is that the recommendations are not limited to Google’s offerings and consist of third-party apps too. However, it can’t be said if they select these apps from the entire Playstore catalogue or from a pre-selected, curated list.

Customization is one of the best parts of Android and it is probably the selling point of it for a lot of us. But the sheer number of options on the Playstore can be daunting especially for a beginner. Google’s #myAndroid Taste test will probably help those people more than it will us enthusiasts but nevertheless it was a test I wasn’t dreading and might take again.

If you decide to take the test, do share your results.

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