The next version of Android will be smarter with new assistive features

Android 7.0 Nougat has hardly made it to even 3 percent of all Android devices and we’re already getting closer to the announcement of the next version of Android, which many believe will be called Android Oreo. A new leak today claims that Google has been working on some new smart assistive features for Android that will help make life a tad bit easier for users. 

It can’t be said for sure at this point whether these features will end up being on the next Android or not, especially since the information comes via an unknown source. VentureBeat reports one of the features the anonymous source divulged was a feature called “Copy Less”. It is basically a smarter or more intelligent version of the traditional copy paste.

We have seen on the PC often when you copy a link to paste somewhere and it gets pasted automatically the moment you click on the text-field. This also happens with the URL bar on the Android version of UC browser as far as I know.

But Copy Less takes things two steps further and lets you get rid of the annoyance of copying and pasting altogether, at least to some extent. For example, you’re having a chat with a friend and you switch apps to find the nearest restaraunt or movie theatre. You come back to the chat app, type “it’s at” and Gboard automatically suggests the address of the restaraunt. Just tap on it the the keyboard will populate the text-box with the address. In any normal situation, you would have had to either copy just the right amount of text using the onscreen pointers and then paste it into the chat app or type all of it.

This is just a hypothetical example of course and it’s unclear whether this will be a feature built into Android itself or a feature of Gboard.

The other feature Google is working on also revolves around addresses. When someone texts you an address that you want to look up in Google Maps, you will have to copy and paste it. However, Google is working to make Android recognize an address and turn it into a link which when tapped on will direct you to Google Maps. Again, it’s unclear if the feature will be available only on Google’s messaging apps or on Android as a whole.

Another feature talked about in the report is the ability to trigger more actions across Android using gestures. Currently only certain Android devices support gestures like the OnePlus 3T or Huawei Mate 9. But come Android O, users would be able to perform a wide variety of gestures to trigger different actions. For instance, drawing C on the screen could make Android display a list of your recent contacts.

It should be noted that this report comes from an unknown source who isn’t really sure himself, or herself. So take it with the appropriate grain of salt. Even if the report is accurate, there are a lot of features that Google works on yet they don’t make it to the final cut or even the alpha, beta stages. Regardless, we will know much more when Google announces the next Android at Google I/O 2017 in May.

Source : VentureBeats

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