Download : Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked Stock wallpapers

Leaks, leaks, leaks. And also rumours. Samsung’s upcoming flagship has been the topic for a lot of those, and yet everyday something or the other keeps on popping out every day. From a rumour claiming the Galaxy S8 will have a super fast facial recognition to some claiming it will feature a 1000fps slow motion video capture, now that a Sony Xperia has 960fps slow-mo video recording, there’s been a lot of wild ones. But admist that, we also got some very welome leaks such as the Galaxy S8 icons leaking online. 

Now we have some wallpapers from the Galaxy S8 pictures and leaked renders that you might have seen online. Since the wallpapers are not officially availabel as of yet, these are probably not as crisp as you’d like. They’re still rather high quality for leaked wallpaper nonetheless. Have a look at them below and download them individually. It’d be better if you right click on the one you wish to download and then select ‘Open in a new tab’ so you have the full size image before you proceed to save it to your device.

These are the two blue gradient wallpapers fromthe leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 screenshots a couple days ago. Both of them are quad HD meaning a resolution of 1440 x 2560.


The one below is the wallpaper from the most high quality render yet of the Samsung Galaxy S8, that is the render at the top of this article. This wallpaper is only Full HD (1080×1920) unlike the previous two.


Other than the few leaked wallpaper, there are is a full pack of rendered wallpapers in various shades that seem inspired by Samsung’s Galaxy S7 wallpapers. A pack of seven wallpapers to be exact. All of these are Quad HD as well.

Source : DroidViews

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