Finally an HTC flagship worth waiting for, with customizable sensors on the frame

If you remember, an accidental leak happened back in September last year. There was a rumour about a device called the HTC Ocean. There were attempts to clear it off as a conceptual piece that did “not represent any real product from HTC.” Well, after what seems like forever, and a few flagships later, more information has surfaced regarding the device, also being called the HTC U.

Venture Beat reports not only is the HTC U real but will be officially announced as soon as next month. HTC’s recent flagships, after the HTC 10, made me feel like HTC had either given up or were onto something that  wasn’t seeing. If true, this could finally be a HTC flagship worth waiting for after so many years. The HTC U is said to have a 5.5″ QHD display housing a Snapdragon 835 underneath along with a 12MP rear and a 16MP front-facing camera and up to 128GB of storage.

But HTC U is not about specs, and I’d like that to be true when the device reaches consumers.

As rumours last years suggested, the company has reportedly developed a new gesture technology specifically for the U’s metallic frame. This is being called Edge Sense. The sensor laden metal band around the device will let you control a number of different features on the device’s Android 7.1.1 Nougat based software. HTC Sense 9 would sit atop the stock Android skin.

What kind of features can you control exactly? Well, there aren’t a lot of details available yet but just for an example, imagine raising or lowering the volume by a simple swipe along the metal frame instead of tapping real, hard, buttons. I can imagine squeezing the device to turn it off, that would be really cool. As of now, imagination is all we have. I’d like to know what kind of features can you imagine with Edge Sense? Of course being in reasonable limits. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Over the past few years when the only thing smartphone makers did was to increase the screen size, RAM, storage, etc. often with gimmicks like 3D touch or a second screen on top, I have a feeling HTC’s Edge Sense might be something more than just a gimmick. It could potentially remove hardware buttons altogether.

But I know you’re thinking it, and so am I. How will this Edge Sense even work? How will it detect an accidental swipe from an actual swipe?

Hopefully, HTC has the answers.

Via :Venture Beat

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