Download : Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallpapers [Update : 24+18 new]

Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally official after months of speculations and rumours. Most of the rumours have turned out to be true and the devices are exactly as we thought them to be. With Bixby and DeX, Samsung seems to have bet everthing on software this time with the only hardware improvement being the display which the company calls an Infinity Display. That’s some clever marketing but there’s no denying that the displays on the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus seem gorgeous. While we can’t bring those displays onto our older devices, we can have something at least, with the official Samsung Galaxy S8 wallpapers.

Below are previews for 24 wallpapers from the devices. Click on them to view the full sized images or just scroll below and download all of them in a compressed zip file.

UPDATE : We now have 18 more wallpapers from Samsung’s latest flagships in 2960X2960 resolution. Each wallpaper’s size is over 9MB so it wouldn’t be possible to upload the full sizes here. So what you see below are only thumbnails. You can download the entire 204MB zip from the link below.

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