Make Linux More Elegant With these Icon packs

Icon themes are a huge part of Linux. It’s one of the ways users can take a desktop and make it their own. Custom theming is a huge reason that sets Linux apart from the rest of the pack.

Best stock Android wallpapers

Android features all sorts of customization, from icons to themes. The brave of you also jump into the waters of XML editing and flashing experimental visual tweaks. It’s safe to say that we all love Android customization, and it remains one of the reasons we pick the platform over any other mobile OS. With Android, your phone can truly be yours because you’ve got full control over the tiniest of its details, as well as an immense repertoire of available launchers, icon packs, and themes. But perhaps the most essential part of an Android launcher is the wallpaper.

Themer: The custom launcher for lazy people

You’ve probably also heard of the popular custom launchers: Nova Launcher, ADW, GO Launcher, Action Launhcer and Launcher Pro to name a few. While these launchers offer similar features, including organized app drawers, extra home screens, and a selection of pretty, cohesive themes complete with wallpapers and icon packs, most do little to truly transform your device’s interface. These launchers will leave your device looking decidedly like an Android phone (albeit an attractive, cohesively-themed Android phone).

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