Google is pushing out a new ‘Instant Tethering’ feature via Google Play Services

Google Play Services is currently rolling out a new feature that was never spoken of before unlike most features that we hear rumours of way before they actually come out. The mobile hotspot on your phone can be very useful, in some cases a life saver when you really need it but it can be a bit tedious to set it up. Some Android users have gotten a new feature called Instant Tethering with Google Play Services 10.2. Continue reading


Google search offline feature now rolling out to the Android app

For all its power and influence, Google search has always suffered if you happen to have little to no mobile signal or less than stellar WiFi connectivity. If you’ve been in such a situation you know the frustration. Often I want to look up something that’s mentioned in a movie while watching it, but sometimes my spectacular Vodafone connection is off duty and later I just forget about it.
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Now you can send and receive GIPHY animations on Whatsapp too

WhatsApp may have been the leading third-party messaging app for years, but it’s only recently begun adding some of its best features that have been around on other services for a while. On Android, it added GIF support months ago so GIFs are probably not new to you as a Whatsapp user. However, the app only supported locally saved GIFs to be sent until now which, if you are into GIFs, might have been a bit troublesome to find and download and then send.
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Google search is testing at least three new-ish features

We’ve seen quite a few server side updates being tested and implemented across Google apps over the years and in recent months Google has been really active about them. You might have noticed the new Google Playstore look already.

The Search app from Google on Android has also seen some fair share of tests and it seems Google is at it again and this time it is testing at least three features simultaneously all of which seem to be accessible from the side menu.  Continue reading


Teamwin releases its first official TWRP app on the Playstore

If you aren’t already aware what TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is, its a custom made recovery for android devices that allows you to flash custom roms and mods, create and restore backups of ROMS and much more which is all so much fun if you haven’t tried. There have been quite a few custom recoveries over the years but TWRP has come out as a new standard I should say, replacing the Clockwork recovery. There is a reason for this — it is stable (mostly), feature packed, powerful, versatile and the developers are extremely active and knowledgeable.

The developers have now released their first app to the Play Store making flashing things a tad bit easier. Continue reading


Google’s new trusted contacts app lets you share real time location data with loved ones

Google is trying to reinvent the emergency contact form for the smartphone era. The search giant on Monday unveiled a new app and service called “Trusted Contacts” which makes sure your loved ones always know where you are or can find out where you are if there’s an emergency.

During a crisis, friends and family members can request your status to see if you’re safe, and you can respond with your location to let them know you’re okay, or deny the request. If you do not respond within five minutes, the app will automatically broadcast your location to the contact, or your last known location if your phone is offline. Continue reading


Google Assistant inside Allo learns hindi as highest number of Allo users are in India

In a bid to take its Allo app experience to millions in India, Google on Monday, as promised, has started rolling out Hindi Assistant to its Allo instant messaging app in India. To recall, Google at its Make for India event in September had promised that Allo will receive Hindi Assistant later this year.

To get started, just ask the Google Assistant, “Talk to me in Hindi.” You can also change the language settings if you’re more comfortable interacting with the Assistant by default in Hindi. Allo’s Smart Reply feature — which offers automated canned responses — is also available in Hindi. The feature suggests responses based on the language you’re typing in. So if you ask a query in Hindi, you’ll see a Smart Reply in that language. Continue reading