Google Pixel Wallpaper app released on the Playstore

Out of all of the new software features, one of the standout ones for a lot of users is actually the new wallpaper picker that the Pixel phones come equipped with out of the box. However, as a result of Google publishing the wallpaper picker to the Play Store, the app (simply titled Wallpaper) can now be used on Android smartphones that are running at least 4.1 Jelly Bean. Continue reading “Google Pixel Wallpaper app released on the Playstore”

Download : A lot of Pixel and Pixel XL wallpapers

Google has officially confirmed the October 4 launch event for the pixel phones and we as fans couldn’t be more anxious as the date comes closer.  Android fans are becoming ever more eager to get their hands on some of the new features to be introduced with the devices. The recently leaked Pixel Launcher offered quite a pleasant first-party taster for what’s to come, while Action launcher and now Nova Launcher implemented many new Pixel-style features in its latest beta update, which will surely hit the spot for many,what about the new wallpapers?

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LG V20 Stock Wallpapers

LG V20 is the latest device from LG which comes pre-loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat. You can download the wallpapers of LG V20 from the link provided below. The V20 is a premium device with high-end specifications. It has fingerprint sensors, USB Type-C port, NFC along with colour spectrum. It has the latest version of LG UX 5.0 on it which has many custom features for easy usability. Learn a lot more about it in our LG V20 first impressions.

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Windows Wallpapers for PCs

Oftentimes you’ll find me sharing wallpapers with you. Well, sharing is nice isn’t it? I shared 400 material design wallpapers previously, and now here are a few for the Windows fans and these are all desktop sized. Download them right away or have a look and decide. These wallpapers have been collected from all over the internet based on personal choice.

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400 Material Design Wallpapers

Who doesn’t enjoy material design wallpapers? Google launched the material design philosophy with android 5.1 lollipop and it has been a huge hit among designers. Websites to android apps all have been adopting the material design and the internet is full of wallpapers based on the same design language. Below you’ll find several wallpapers that are from all over the internet and it’s a collection of only the wallpapers I have at some point liked but may or may not have used. I’ve been collecting these ever since android lollipop was just a developer version. If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Windows you can take a look here.

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Best stock Android wallpapers

Android features all sorts of customization, from icons to themes. The brave of you also jump into the waters of XML editing and flashing experimental visual tweaks. It’s safe to say that we all love Android customization, and it remains one of the reasons we pick the platform over any other mobile OS. With Android, your phone can truly be yours because you’ve got full control over the tiniest of its details, as well as an immense repertoire of available launchers, icon packs, and themes. But perhaps the most essential part of an Android launcher is the wallpaper.

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