Blackberry releases a new Privacy Shade app for Android

Since moving to Android, Blackberry has pivoted from a hardware manufacturer back to its roots, as a software company focused on privacy and security. Blackberry smartphones are now outsourced instead of being manufactured in-house by the company. As part of its new found direction, Blackberry has been releasing apps for the Android Platform. Continuing the tradition, after launching its Notable app last month, Blackberry has now released a new app called Privacy Shade. Continue reading “Blackberry releases a new Privacy Shade app for Android”

Blackberry’s upcoming smartphone will have a physical QWERTY keyboard says CEO

Back in their heyday, BlackBerry was famous among its target audience for things like enhanced enterprise functions, tight security, and hardware that practically defined reliable. Among both common folk and business people, however, BlackBerry’s keyboard was famous. It stood head and shoulders above other mobile options out there, and most users had no problem editing documents and banging out long emails through the duration of a mobile workday.

When Blackberry announced the PRIV – their first Android Smartphone, the first Android smartphone with a physical keyboard, and the last smartphone Blackberry made on its own – the physical keyboard was a big disappointment after the initial honeymoon phase. Continue reading “Blackberry’s upcoming smartphone will have a physical QWERTY keyboard says CEO”

Blackberry DTEK60 is official : The most powerful Blackberry yet for $499

For a long time since Android started to mature as an Operating System, Blackberry was thought of as a lost cause as the firm continued to plod along with their own operating system, which clearly wasn’t gaining traction with consumers and the industry alike.

But last year, with the arrival of Blackberry PRIV, fans and industry watchers saw a little hope for Blackberry. The PRIV ran on android, and shipped with the software Blackberry fans loved. Blackberry as a company has changed since then, with the PRIV being the last true Blackberry phone as the company then closed down on their hardware division.  Continue reading “Blackberry DTEK60 is official : The most powerful Blackberry yet for $499”

DTEK60 will be Blackberry’s 2016 flagship but Blackberry will no longer make its own phones

Blackberry announced a new Android phones called the DTEK50, back in July, a $300 unlocked device with a focus on what the company has always done best – security. Ironically, though, for a phone touted as the most secure, it did not have a fingerprint scanner. The fact that the Internet was quick to point out it was nothing but a rebranded Alcatel Idol 4 didn’t help its case either.

In other words, Blackberry didn’t make the DTEK50, they let someone else do it, TCL, more specifically,  slapped their name on it, and flooded it full of their security features.

Continue reading “DTEK60 will be Blackberry’s 2016 flagship but Blackberry will no longer make its own phones”

Blackberry DTEK60 : Leaked photos, specs, FCC certification

Despite all the initial pessimism, BlackBerry’s first dive into the Android realm with the Priv actually turned out to be a solid effort. Not so much in terms of sales though but the Priv was a very good device over all. However, the DTEK50 that followed did not receive those positive reviews however.

It’s good to see that hasn’t discouraged Blackberry at all.

Continue reading “Blackberry DTEK60 : Leaked photos, specs, FCC certification”

BlackBerry ‘Argon’ likely to be released as the DTEK60 and with a fingerprint scanner this time

If you recall, there were rumours back in June that Blackberry was working on three devices codenamed Neon, Argon, and Mercury. Well, the Neon was already released in July as DTEK50, named after the DTEK security app that debuted with the BlackBerry Priv. Blackberry touted is as the world’s most secure smartphone, and ironically lacked a fingerprint reader. The self-claimed title didn’t help it with the Quadrooter exploit however as it still affected the DTEK50 anyways.

Although we haven’t heard a lot about the BlackBerry ‘Argon’ since the initial rumors popped up, there’s now some further evidence the device exists directly off of BlackBerry’s servers.

Continue reading “BlackBerry ‘Argon’ likely to be released as the DTEK60 and with a fingerprint scanner this time”

BlackBerry Hub+ arrives on Android with an iOS version in the works

CANADIAN PHONE FIRM BlackBerry has announced that the BlackBerry Hub+ app is now available on all devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

  • BlackBerry Hub+ Services coming to the Google Play Store
  • Includes BlackBerry Hub, Calendar and Password Keeper plus other apps
  • Compatible with phones running Android Marshmallow
  • 30 day free trial initially then monthly subscription or ad-based

This marks the “first pure software offering from the new Mobility Solutions Group”, BlackBerry said, and is part of the firm’s plan to become a software-first company.

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BlackBerry DTEK50 is here: But why am I not surprised?

BlackBerry is a funny little company. Once a juggernaut in the mobile space, it has since fallen from grace. Overwhelming numbers by Android and iOS pushed BlackBerry down into the dreaded “other” category on most pie charts. Many companies would have silently slipped tail between legs and slinked off, but not BlackBerry, and that’s actually one of the thing I admire about the company.

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Mobile OS wars : why we need a third OS and Can we get one?

IDC’s numbers on 2014 smartphone market share made it clear – the smartphone wars are pretty much over, and only two champions are left. In the green corner is Android, in the blue corner is iOS, and between them they accounted for 96.3% of smartphones shipped in 2014.

Most of the people you know probably either have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. That’s because they’re basically the only two popular options you’ll encounter when it’s time to upgrade your phone and you walk into a big-box electronics store or stop by your carrier’s store at the local mall. Sure, there are a few other options, like a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone, for users who are big fans of neither Android nor iOS. But with BlackBerry giving away into Android-based BlackBerry phones and Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone, it looks like those options may not be around much longer.

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