[Download] LG G6 Stock Wallpapers

LG announced the LG G6 earlier at the MWC event in Barcelona. The device features a metal and glass design bringing back the old LG Optimus G days, and an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. But there is one thing that shall always remain usual for Android devices and that is customization. We love to customize, even if it is just changing wallpapers and Android lets us. Continue reading “[Download] LG G6 Stock Wallpapers”

LG G6 will have dual 13MP wide-angle cameras : LG

LG has been been busy creating hype around the LG G6, and so far has revealed details about its Full Vision Display, Quad DACs, UX 6.0, and the device’s water and dust resistance. Yes, they’ve confirmed it all. And now the South Korean company has revealed details about the camera on the LG G6 ahead of its MWC launch. The device will feature dual 13 mega pixel cameras, the same as can be found on the LG V20 and LG G5  (with different resolutions).  Continue reading “LG G6 will have dual 13MP wide-angle cameras : LG”

LG G6 invite hints at a ‘Full Vision’ near bezel-less display

LG usually drops hints regarding its product as and how it nears the launch date and the promotions for LG G6 are not much different. The company already notified that it will be holding a press event on February 26th and today the sent out another teaser image confirming that the LG G6 will indeed be a big part of the announcement if not the only part. The invite places the LG G6 as having a “Big Screen That Fits.” Continue reading “LG G6 invite hints at a ‘Full Vision’ near bezel-less display”

LG sends out invites for February 26, could launch the LG G6

LG said earlier this month that it was thinking about announcing its G6 flagship at Mobile World Congress in February, and it looks like the company has decided to move ahead with the plan. LG has begun sending early invitations or ‘save-the-dates’ to the media for its press event at MWC 2017 event in Barcelona on February 26th. The invite has caption “See More, Play More” along with the event date. Continue reading “LG sends out invites for February 26, could launch the LG G6”

LG issuing full refunds for defective Nexus 5X units

The Nexus 5X manufactured by LG is one of the two, very last Nexus devices, at least right now. It is still going to be supported by Google for one more year or so through regular software updates. But what about the hardware, what happens if your phone starts suffering from various internal issues that makes it inoperable?

Contact the manufacturer of the device of course. Usually, even when the device is under warranty, you’d have to send in the device for repairs or the manufacturer replaces your unit with a refurbished one. According to some users, however, LG is issuing full refunds for Nexus 5X units that are suffering from a certain defect.  Continue reading “LG issuing full refunds for defective Nexus 5X units”

Android Nougat update rolling out on Sprint’s LG G5

Got a Sprint LG G5? You may want to check for system updates in settings. LG G5 devices in South Korea started receiving the Android Nougat update a couple of weeks ago and now the version of the G5 sold by Sprint in the US are starting to receive the Android upgrade as well.

Sprint and LG are both good with updates, so it’s not a huge surprise that the Sprint G5 is one of the first flagships in the US to get a taste of Nougat-y goodness. Continue reading “Android Nougat update rolling out on Sprint’s LG G5”

LG V30 will not have a secondary display

There’s a lot to love about the LG V20 smartphone if you’re into large screen smartphones.Just like the S-Pen defines a Galaxy Note device, a secondary ticker display is the defining feature of LG’s V series.  The LG V10 had it, so did the V20. However, Evan Blass has just tweeted to say he has early renders of the LG V30 and that there is no secondary ticker display to be seen.  Continue reading “LG V30 will not have a secondary display”

LG V20 available in Canada now, U.S. getting the unlocked version in November

The LG V20 is now available for purchase in in the Great White North, where carriers Videotron and Wind Mobile are currently offering the device while an unlocked version is soon coming to the southern neighbor. The LG V20 isn’t widely available in Canada, and wouldn’t be available on the big three carriers, you will still be able to find it in almost every province, on the two aforementioned regional carriers. Wind Mobile operates in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, while Videotron has an extensive network in Quebec. Continue reading “LG V20 available in Canada now, U.S. getting the unlocked version in November”

Get an Unlocked LG V20 for $799.99 and a free G pad tablet

By now, its pretty much a fact that the Galaxy Note 7’s chances of being the best selling phablet of the year are up in flames. So if you were looking for a big phablet, the LG V20 should now be your obvious choice if it wasn’t already. LG V20 has gone live in South Korea a few weeks ago but it still not available elsewhere yet. This is the same problem LG had with the G5. By the time their devices are ready for sale the hype has already dies down. I wonder how much it would hurt them to announce the device when it’s almost for sale.

Well anyways, the pricing details for the LG V20 seem to have leaked regardless.  Continue reading “Get an Unlocked LG V20 for $799.99 and a free G pad tablet”

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