Android O Feature focus : Improved battery life with limits on background apps

The size of our mobile phones have increased a lot thanks to a total trend reversal. So has the size of the batteries used in them. Yet that hasn’t translate into an increased battery life because technology is moving forward at a rapid pace. Powerful processors, fabulous displays, highly packed screen resolution, so much RAM, but the battery technology is still stuck where it was a decade ago. Of course, you know all about it too. So until something revolutionary happens in batteries, we will probably have to depend on the software to give us the most out of them.  Continue reading “Android O Feature focus : Improved battery life with limits on background apps”

Take the Google #myAndroid taste test and share your results

How often do you get bored with the way your smartphone looks currently? In my case, the answer was quite often. When I discovered the customization level on Android for the first time, I think I switched launchers or set ups almost every couple of days, luckily I have finally found a look I dig. But what about people who’re still looking out? I’m sure there are some. How about you let Google give you a hand finding your perfect homescreen?  Continue reading “Take the Google #myAndroid taste test and share your results”

[Download] LG G6 Stock Wallpapers

LG announced the LG G6 earlier at the MWC event in Barcelona. The device features a metal and glass design bringing back the old LG Optimus G days, and an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio. But there is one thing that shall always remain usual for Android devices and that is customization. We love to customize, even if it is just changing wallpapers and Android lets us. Continue reading “[Download] LG G6 Stock Wallpapers”

Google intends to make Android the most secure mobile platform in the world

While it is safe to say that out of the numerous flaws in Android – that could potentially risk giving away your private information – most if not all of them are invented by security companies and media outlets. The several layers of Android security are often more than enough unless deliberately turned off by the user but there still are quite a few genuine cases.

Continue reading “Google intends to make Android the most secure mobile platform in the world”

This Google Pixel concept is what we wish the Pixel was

So the Google Pixel finally happened last year. It received some flak from some very passionate Nexus lovers sure, but since Google didn’t expect to sell as much as they did, and since almost every reviewer/smartphone-critic went ahead and called it the best Android smartphone of the year (thanks to the Note 7 for quitting the competition), I believe it is safe to say the Pixel was a success.

But the Pixel was not without its flaws. The most talked about of which were its pricing, lack of water resistance and the generic design. You’d never get that feeling of holding a $800 smartphone, of course there will always be exceptions. Designer Milineam N from behance has come up with an exciting new concept of Google’s flagship which we can only assume is meant to be of the next Google Pixel phone since it is not explicitly stated. Continue reading “This Google Pixel concept is what we wish the Pixel was”

Sony intends to stick with the 3.5mm headphone jack for now

When Apple introduced an iPhone 7 without a headphone jack because they were the only company with enough ‘courage’, it was speculated that other Android manufacturers will follow suit. LeEco along with Motorola went ahead and got rid of it even before Apple could just to beat Cupertino and be the ones to start a trend.

However, at least Sony – the maker of some the first water-resistant smartphones while keeping the headphone jack in tow – is not that interested in removing the headphone jack, for now. Continue reading “Sony intends to stick with the 3.5mm headphone jack for now”

Samsung Galaxy S8 is once again rumoured to adapt software keys … and a stylus?

It seems like a norm now that every year before Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship, rumours about Samsung ditching hardware keys in favour of Android’s native software keys have to do rounds on the internet. A new rumour (via David Ruddock) corroborates several earlier reports.

Another unconfirmed report claims that the company plans to offer its S Pen stylus as an optional accessory for the phone. A Samsung Galaxy S8 with S pen? Does it even make sense? Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 is once again rumoured to adapt software keys … and a stylus?”

Cyber week sale on Google Play

Cyber Monday is here and there are a ton of great deals out there, and the Google Play Store is currently home to a range of deals to coincide with Cyber Week. I’ve gathered here a list of the best deals that are available right now. Everything from games, movies and TV shows, books, apps, and more have seen steep discounts.

These deals end on November 29th so hurry. Continue reading “Cyber week sale on Google Play”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the lowest SAR values

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s untimely demise, Samsung is leaning on its best seller, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to carry it through these tough times until the Galaxy S8 arrives. The fact that the Galaxy S7 Edge has been a star in its own right among reviewers, and has been highly praised and even termed as the world’s best smartphone by Strategy Analytics only helps it’s case.

The latest accolade for Samsung’s premium handset comes from French tech site, PhonAndroid. However, instead of turning its study into a more subjective analysis to crown the ‘Best Smartphone of 2016’, PhonAndroid took a closer look at a crucial, but often disregarded aspect of today’s smart gadgets – radiation. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the lowest SAR values”

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