5 Tips for Shopping in the Black Friday Sale

As we all know, this upcoming weekend (including Black Friday!) is the biggest retail extravaganza of the year. It’s that time of the year when you will be hammered with Black Friday Sale deals all around you – online as well as offline. If you are on the lookout to score some good ones for yourself or your loved ones for this holiday season, you need to be well-prepared beforehand.

All deals are not ‘great’. Filtering out is important to ensure you buy products that have a seriously good deal to go with. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016, consumers should also watch out for scams that come through spam, insecure public networks and apps that might seem legitimate but could be taking over your phones and computers, experts say.  Continue reading “5 Tips for Shopping in the Black Friday Sale”

Get the Pixel home button animation on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

There is lots to love about the Pixel and Pixel XL, from the stellar camera to the build quality, the design is sort of meh! but there’s likely no doubt that the best part of the Pixel phone experience is the software. Both phones are running Android 7.1 Nougat and do come with a handful of things that are exclusive. But as is the case with software features on Android, most of them simply don’t stay that way.

Over the past few weeks, more and more Pixel-exclusive features became available to Nexus device owners through unofficial hacks and today we’re going to add another missing piece of the puzzle, the home button animation. Continue reading “Get the Pixel home button animation on Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P”

Rumour : Samsung might be preparing its own fingerprint scanner chips

Samsung isn’t just the largest smartphone manufacturer, but also one of the biggest players in the mobile semiconductor industry among a lot of other things. Now it’s looking to break into the fingerprint chip market.

The presence of fingerprint sensors on smartphones has seen dramatic rise this year. However, the only main sources for the chips used in these sensors are FPC, from Sweden, and Synaptics, from the United States of America.  Continue reading “Rumour : Samsung might be preparing its own fingerprint scanner chips”

Android chips away the market from competing platforms to capture 88% of smartphone sales


Steve Jobs famously claimed that Apple would “go thermonuclear” on the platform after he blamed Google for stealing his idea. Years from then, today in 2016, smartphone shipments report from Strategy Analytics, Android’s share of global smartphone sales reached an impressive 88% – taking market share from Apple iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Microsoft Windows Phone, amongst others. This is an increase of 2% from the previous quarter.
Continue reading “Android chips away the market from competing platforms to capture 88% of smartphone sales”

Googler explains why they won’t bring Pixel’s fingerprint gestures to Nexus

One of the great new features of Google’s Pixel phones is the fingerprint gestures that have been added to give you additional ways to perform tasks with the device. Some Nexus owners expected to see those features brought over to last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, but Google has stated it has no intention of doing so.

Earlier Google reasoned that this was due to a lack of hardware but as it turned out, both the Nexus 6P and the Pixel share the exact same fingerprint sensor. This sparked a controversy on reddit with several users accusing Google of lying to customers. So now that the grand conspiracy to leave Nexus owners high and dry when it comes to fancy new Google Pixel features like has finally been exposed, the question of “why” comes back again. Continue reading “Googler explains why they won’t bring Pixel’s fingerprint gestures to Nexus”

Muviz Navbar Audio Visualizer is amazing if you’re into such things

Music is something we all enjoy, at least most of us. And it’s everywhere, from yourown personal libraries, radio stations, treaming stations, advertisements, movies and so on. Remember playing music on your PC when PCs used to be cool? Those amazing lines or circles floating around in the Windows media player when a song was played? I always turned on the visualizer, finding it much more entertaining than staring at the album art — or worse, the placeholder image when no art was available.

A cool visualizer was a also a pretty feature on the earlier versions of the Sony Walkman app on android. But since smartphones aren’t always plugged like PCs, staring at the screen while music plays wasn’t a thing that made sense. This is where Muviz comes in.  Continue reading “Muviz Navbar Audio Visualizer is amazing if you’re into such things”

In 2017, 75% of Internet use will be with mobile devices

Internet a decade ago was nowhere near as popular as it is right now with many large companies built around it including the giant that is Google and also Facebook. Much of it has to do with the smartphone revolution brought on by the iPhone, and taken to unimaginable heights by Android. Thanks to the number of ways that an average person can now connect to the internet, one are the days in which a single access point was located in the home and shared between users.

In the near future it is expected that the majority of devices connected to the internet will be small and low-powered IoT items. Although, it does seem to be the case that in terms of accessing the internet, smartphones are and will continue (for now) to be the main product line. Continue reading “In 2017, 75% of Internet use will be with mobile devices”

Google Pixel profit margins rival Apple’s iPhone, the highest for an Android Smartphone manufacturer

Google’s new line of Pixel phones have the shape, pricing, and some of the features of Apple Inc.’s iPhone. In fact, it is so similar that if you remove or hide the ‘G’ logo on the back, the Pixel feels like an iPhone wannabe. But critically for investors, the Google Pixels not only resembles the iPhones in design and pricing, they also have Apple-like margins.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones are priced comparable to high-end Apple and Samsung products. This drew some ire from loyal customers who were expecting mid-range pricing, which the company previously employed for its Nexus line of devices. Many were thrown off with the steep prices, however that doesn’t seem to have affected the sales as much as Google’s own low expectations. Continue reading “Google Pixel profit margins rival Apple’s iPhone, the highest for an Android Smartphone manufacturer”

Google acquires Eyefluence eye-tracking startup, how it matters

Today, Eyefluence quietly announced on its website that it has been acquired by Google. The company has developed a suite of technologies for tracking eye behavior for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.  Google’s extensive interests in the realm of VR have been no secret, especially with its made by Google VR ready Pixel devices and Daydream VR headset. Continue reading “Google acquires Eyefluence eye-tracking startup, how it matters”

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