Xperia XZ coming to US on October 2 at $699.99

Sony announced Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact at IFA 2016 in Berlin at the start of this month. It will replace the Xperia X Performance as the company’s flagship smartphone after just a few short months of that device being available.

Speaking of availability, the Xperia XZ is coming to the US with a flagship price tag of $699.99 and of course, it is a flagship after all, the best of Sony. But does it justify the hefty price tag?

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Xperia X Compact’s camera stops motion in this camera test : Awesome

If you head over to Sony Xperia X Compact’s official website, you will find the first thing Sony talks of is the camera, using terms like “Blur Free Photos.” Sony claims, it’s “a camera that captures life in motion, in a smartphone that fits in your pocket.”

“Because life doesn’t stand still”

And you’ll find various pictures some of which you may have seen if you follow Sony on social media. However, those pictures seem a little make believe and I for one never trusted Sony.

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Sony Xperia XZ sells out in 45 minutes in Taiwan

Sony hasn’t necessarily had the best year when it comes to smartphones. And it hasn’t been so just this year. Sony has been struggling for a long time even with acclaimed devices like many of the Z series phones.

What they needed to improve were the pricing and marketing, but when instead Sony introduced the Xperia X and siblings, underpowered and even more expensive but beautiful pieces of tech,  many were quick to put the new Xperia X lineup down because of its drastic change over the previous Z models and higher-than-expected retail pricing; not to mention the lack of a fingerprint scanner in US variants of all Xperia models which will still continue for “business reasons.”

However, Sony claimed profit from it’s smartphone department finally with the Xperia X series and now we have some more unexpected news.

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Sony Xperia XZ pre-orders available in Europe, to ship with free wireless Sony headset worth £100

Sony has been using the same tactic every time it launches a new high-end smartphone, free stuff with each pre-order. Well, this year is no exception and customers who pre-order the Xperia XZ in Europe will get a free headset. Sony has started taking pre-orders on its latest smartphone, the Sony Xperia XZ in Europe and the handset is available to pre-order in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and the UK.

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Which smartphone has the best network reception? Hint : not iPhone

Microsoft’s Lumia 640 may not be the most powerful or feature-packed smartphone, but a study has found it’s the best performer under a weak network signal. Nokia has always been famous for their technical proficiency when it comes to phone hardware, and it is nice to see that this holds true even in Microsoft Mobile’s latest handsets.

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Top Android stories last week 29/Aug- 05/Sep

Last week was an IFA week and amidst all the buzz and excitement from Berlin quite a few exciting things happened for the android world since many android OEMs take stage at IFA to showcase what they have coming in the future. Although, not everything exciting happened only at IFA, some of those happened in closed rooms perhaps behind a desk or something, and some haven’t yet happened but the leaks have us pumped.

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The Best of IFA 2016

Dozens of tech press conferences and product announcements fill our days, but often, the largest and most important among them orbit the biggest shows of the year. CES kicks off the year in January, Mobile World Congress sets the pace for spring, Computex sets the agenda in the summer, and IFA has become the big show to watch each Labor Day weekend. And this year it’s bigger than ever. This year, we saw a flood of wearables, about a dozen desktop and laptop PCs, a surprising number of phones, at least three smart refrigerators, and a tasty sprinkling of quantum dots.

But don’t forget, IFA is just the tip of the consumer electronics iceberg. It leads into a busy fall that’s sure to be filled with high-profile releases in anticipation of the holiday season, with no sign of slowing down before CES early next year. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. For now, here are the best products we saw at IFA this year.

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Five eye catching devices at IFA this year

Every year at this time of the year, the latest and the greatest innovations and products from tech companies make their debut at IFA, this year was no different. It’s a six day long festival for the technology lovers where the press gets to taste the latest tech before it reaches the masses. Some of these are revelations fans have been waiting for, hoping to get blown away and some fairly new ideas that one never really thought of.

Here’s a selection of Five of the most eye catching gadgets from IFA this year in no particular order, whether they are good products however can be a topic of discussion.

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Download : Xperia XZ and X Compact stock wallpapers

Sony announced the Xperia XZ, which is being called the true flagship of its new X series of smartphones. The company also announced a new smaller handset, the Xperia X compact. Combining preferred aspects of both the X and the Z smartphone lines, the XZ flagship banks on power and an advanced camera to woo customers. Also just as with every flagship launch, the Xperia XZ and X Compact bring new wallpapers. The new Xperia flagships bring with them about 8 new HD wallpapers of 2160×1920 resolution.

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