Sony Xperia Z5 family now receiving the Android Nougat update

The Xperia Z5 family from Sony – Z5, Z5 compact, Z5 Premium – were the next in line for the Android Nougat update list of Sony after the Xperia X and X compact which received the update after  Xperia X Performance and Xperia XZ . The OTA has started rolling out to some Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Premium users bearing the version number 32.3.A.0.372 and a size of 1.3 GB, so make sure to download over Wi-Fi (or update through the Xperia Companion on your PC).
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This Google Pixel concept is what we wish the Pixel was

So the Google Pixel finally happened last year. It received some flak from some very passionate Nexus lovers sure, but since Google didn’t expect to sell as much as they did, and since almost every reviewer/smartphone-critic went ahead and called it the best Android smartphone of the year (thanks to the Note 7 for quitting the competition), I believe it is safe to say the Pixel was a success.

But the Pixel was not without its flaws. The most talked about of which were its pricing, lack of water resistance and the generic design. You’d never get that feeling of holding a $800 smartphone, of course there will always be exceptions. Designer Milineam N from behance has come up with an exciting new concept of Google’s flagship which we can only assume is meant to be of the next Google Pixel phone since it is not explicitly stated. Continue reading


Hangouts gets a simplified group chat creation as Google gears it up for enterprise

Google Hangouts has been an excellent communication service for its many users. While Hangouts did not see as huge a user base as Microsoft’s Skype or other competing platforms, it still managed to carve out its niche. Unfortunately though, Google has decided to reboot its efforts at messaging apps again with Allo, Duo and Messenger, all of which are mobile only unlike Hangouts, while Hangouts takes a backseat, much like Google’s previous efforts. Mountain Veiw has no plans to kill the service though, instead the company is wanting to shift its focus to the enterprise customerContinue reading


Samsung Galaxy S8 design is said to be finalized , dual cameras only for plus and a prototype exists

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the topic of so many rumours, some obvious, some bizarre and some even contradicting the other ones out there. It’s hard to tell which might be right but as is the situation now, most rumours and un-named sources of them have come to agree upon the design of the next Galaxy.  Continue reading

Windows 10 Wallpaper HD

Feature packed Windows 10 build 15007 with is out to the Insiders : Theme store coming soon

Microsoft surprised Windows Insiders today, with the roll out of Windows 10 build 15007, its second preview for PCs in the Fast ring this week. It followed the arrival of build 15002 a few days ago, and brought various new features to both PCs and phones. The new build, detailed in a lengthy blog post, adds three key ingredients: new Edge features, the ability to easily resume work after switching PCs, and a downloadable themes store designed to freshen up your PC. Continue reading


Nokia 6 unboxing video appears on YouTube ahead of launch

Nokia is back in the smartphone game finally, and this time not with just an announcement but an actual phone. Nokia 6, powered by Android Nougat, is the first Nokia-branded smartphone released by HMD Global, a company which acquired Nokia branding rights from Microsoft. The device is slated to see a China only launch on January 19th, however, TechDroider was sent a unit from China and they have posted an unboxing video on YouTube.  Continue reading


Google takes its control on Android a step further so your notifications behave as intended

Earlier this week, Google released an updated version of the Compatibility Definition Document for Android which contains several minor changes but one of them regarding notifications is worth mentioning. The new document reinforces an existing rule that managed API interfaces can’t be changed but explicitly mentions notifications by name.
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