Samsung will provide another 60 million OLED panels to Apple

The relationship between Apple and Samsung is more than that of a rival, in fact, Samsung has such relations with a lot of its rivals which end up using arts manufactured by Samsung in their products to compete with Samsung. iPhones are no different and they’ll now be more dependent on Samsung than before. Last year Apple placed an order for 100 million 5.5-inch OLED panels from Samsung to be used in the upcoming iPhone 8, with the value being estimated at $2.59 billion. Now they have ordered an additional 60 million panels.  Continue reading “Samsung will provide another 60 million OLED panels to Apple”

Apple climbs over Samsung to lead smartphone sales for Q4 2016 but Samsung is still number one

It has been a while, but Apple has finally become the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer. Well not exactly that, but as long as you only consider the three months in the fourth quarter of 2016, Apple managed to best Samsung’s 17.7% of the global smartphone market with 17.8% market share thanks to the Galaxy Note 7 drama. Apple sold a company record 78.3 million iPhone handsets during the fourth calendar quarter, topping the 77.5 million handsets shipped by Samsung during the same three months. Continue reading “Apple climbs over Samsung to lead smartphone sales for Q4 2016 but Samsung is still number one”

Apple and Google forced to remove the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn app from Russian appstores

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has started to enforce a proposed block of LinkedIn in the country, after the social network failed to transfer Russian user data to servers located in the country, violating a law. This recently-passed Russian law requires that any company holding data on Russians house that data within Russia. Russia began blocking LinkedIn’s website last November under that law, which some critics argue is an indirect form of censorship. Continue reading “Apple and Google forced to remove the Microsoft-owned LinkedIn app from Russian appstores”

Samsung spends the most on R&D among tech companies

Samsung has had a rough year thanks to the Galaxy Note 7, fortunately for the company though, it is expected to show strong profit margins starting next year. Even though the Note 7 did cost Samsung over $3 billion in losses, it didn’t create as big of an impact for the company as it would have for any other hardware company, thanks mainly to Samsung’s leadership in virtually every segment of the electronics industry.

Such leadership however, doesn’t come cheap.  Continue reading “Samsung spends the most on R&D among tech companies”

Microsoft could be first trillion dollar tech company, leaving behind Alphabet and Apple

Following Microsoft’s $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, one analyst thinks the Redmond tech giant is on pace to become the first tech company to reach a market value of $1 trillion. This, despite the fact that the Redmond-based giant’s market value currently trails both Apple and Alphabet.

Back in February 2015, the market capitalization of Apple (share price multiplied by number of shares outstanding) surpassed $710 billion. At that point, Apple was the first company in history to be valued at over $700 billion. Continue reading “Microsoft could be first trillion dollar tech company, leaving behind Alphabet and Apple”

Nokia is suing Apple : how’s that for a change

Former mobile phone giant Nokia has announced it is suing Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of violating 32 technology patents. This happened a day after the Cupertino based tech giant sued two patent licensors and accused the Finish communications giant of colluding with them.

On Tuesday, Apple filed suit against Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management, both of whom license patents, for allegedly engaging in anticompetitive behaviour with Nokia to “extract and extort exorbitant revenues unfairly” from Apple and other smartphone makers.
Continue reading “Nokia is suing Apple : how’s that for a change”

Google Pixel trumps Apple iPhone in Black Friday popularity

Google’s new Pixel smartphones proved popular than Apple’s iPhone during the busy holiday shopping season between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Even the Samsung Galaxy S7 sold better than iPhone 7/Plus according to the data presented by Localytics.

Google Pixel device activations were up 112% compared to the smartphone’s average number of activations in four preceding weekends. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 saw activations grow by 36% while the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad mini 2 increased by 24 percent and 19 percent, respectively. At the bottom of the list is the iPhone 7, which saw a 13 percent bump in sales over Black Friday weekend, according to the research firm. Continue reading “Google Pixel trumps Apple iPhone in Black Friday popularity”

Google Pixel has a weird image bug related to screenshots sent from iPhones

When you take a screenshot, on any device, it is essentially an image and as such, can be viewed on any other device without any problems, unless the format is proprietary and requires special software for access. But screenshots are mostly JPEGs so there shouldn’t be a problem viewing them on any computer or phone.

But according to some Pixel owners who are sent screenshots from an iPhone are receiving a wonky version of the image instead. The market is mature enough today that there aren’t many issues when it comes to cross-device compatibility but apparently, the flagships from Google and Apple don’t really like each other much. Continue reading “Google Pixel has a weird image bug related to screenshots sent from iPhones”

iPhone 8 rumours : Dual OIS , redesigned telephoto lens

While some may claim “The camera quality on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus is already best in class” that is quite frankly not the case. And for iPhones, this hasn’t been the case for a while now. That’s not to say the camera has been less than fantastic or not upto par. The iPhone 7 may be selling well, but it will certainly not turn declining sales around. People associated with the industry weren’t expecting much of Apple’s iPhone 7 either, but they and fans are indeed expecting a lot from the iPhone 8.
Continue reading “iPhone 8 rumours : Dual OIS , redesigned telephoto lens”

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