Top Android stories last week 29/Aug- 05/Sep

Last week was an IFA week and amidst all the buzz and excitement from Berlin quite a few exciting things happened for the android world since many android OEMs take stage at IFA to showcase what they have coming in the future. Although, not everything exciting happened only at IFA, some of those happened in closed rooms perhaps behind a desk or something, and some haven’t yet happened but the leaks have us pumped.

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HTC’s A9s improves on the A9 but only in terms of cloning the iPhone

Today at IFA 2016 HTC has announced an updated variant of the One A9 called the One A9s. In this case, the update is designed to put the One A9 at a more attractive price point, which involves a few spec changes. The best way to describe this phone is more a relative of the One A9 rather than a pin-compatible SoC change and display change. It’s not an upgrade per say but another variant. Why? Because if you see it as an upgrade, even incremental, you’re going to be disappointed.

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HTC One A9s Leaked, Inspired by iPhone, once again

HTC came out with a new mid-range handset last year which at first glance looked quite similar to the iPhone. The HTC One A9 has been around for a while now and it’s time for the handset to receive an upgrade and thus, HTC is launching the successor to its HTC One A9 smartphone at IFA 2016. The device is currently making some noise after its render leaked online, showing what appears to be the iPhone 6s from the back.

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