Allo the web app, coming soon (or not so soon) to your nearest desktops

When Google announced Allo at Google I/O last year, probably they never thought of creating an iMessage for Android. If that’s true, I don’t know what they were thinking launching another messaging app. Regardless, with how the hype built around Allo, with fans and critics expecting Google to get it right this time around, there were high expectations. What we got however were not fully developed apps but ideas.  Idea version 1.0 which the company promised will develop into mature communication apps.  Continue reading


Google is asking for your suggestions to fix Allo

You probably still remember Allo right? That new smart messaging app from Google? Yes, it was supposed to supersede Hangouts and become Android’s answer to iMessage. Such hopes. Turned out, it couldn’t even compete with lesser known apps like Viber or WeChat let alone Whatsapp. Allo was as simple a messenger as it could have been, and not in a good Whatsapp like way. It was bare bones except for the integrated Google Assistant which was fun, initially. Continue reading


Google Assistant inside Allo learns hindi as highest number of Allo users are in India

In a bid to take its Allo app experience to millions in India, Google on Monday, as promised, has started rolling out Hindi Assistant to its Allo instant messaging app in India. To recall, Google at its Make for India event in September had promised that Allo will receive Hindi Assistant later this year.

To get started, just ask the Google Assistant, “Talk to me in Hindi.” You can also change the language settings if you’re more comfortable interacting with the Assistant by default in Hindi. Allo’s Smart Reply feature — which offers automated canned responses — is also available in Hindi. The feature suggests responses based on the language you’re typing in. So if you ask a query in Hindi, you’ll see a Smart Reply in that language. Continue reading


[Poll] Allo is kind of dead in a way, are you still using it?

I’m pretty sure if you are even mildly involved in the Android world you know what Allo is. The expectedly revolutionary chat app that fell short on so many levels as I pointed out when it came out. While Allo did open to much fanfare like its sibling Duo and also much like it and Pokemon Go, users left disappointed when they found it wasn’t what they expected.

On September 28th, Allo co-lead Justin Uberti announced the app had received a staggering 5 million downloads within 5 days of launch. While it wasn’t as quick a rise as Duo, which reached #1 rankings within two days, it was still a great start.  Continue reading


Take a look at upcoming Allo chat themes before they officially arrive

Despite the declining user base, Allo has potential, and there are numerous ways to improve the app. In a recent update to Allo, Google introduced many features, not including the most wanted ones yet but still bumping up the version number to 2.0. Later Google revealed a Stranger Things tie-in including a sticker pack and AI assisted scavenger hunt and now it looks like and Google plans to release a bunch of them to the app in the near future. Continue reading


Google Allo is getting a ‘Stranger Things’ sticker pack and an AI-assisted scavenger hunt

Netflix has another hit television series in Stranger Things. (Binge watch it if you haven’t!) The technologically savvy production house has not been shy in taking advantage of the popularity in previously working with Google to make a scary VR experience based on the show.

On the other hand, Google is trying hard to get folks using its AI-gifted Allo messenger service, so it has jumped on the popular Netflix show. In time for Halloween,  it has revealed some Stranger Things tie-ins, including a sticker pack and an AI-assisted scavenger hunt. Continue reading


Google Allo 2.0 rolling out bringing features it should already have had at launch

Google has updated its chat application Allo on Android to version 2.0 and the update brings along some features that it should have already launched with. Trying to switch your friends and family to yet another messaging client, especially one lacking in features (even compared to Google’s other services), is difficult.

Even though Allo did not make as big an impact with its launch as Google expected it toand  not long after its introduction, Allo’s ranking tanked on the Play Store and App Store,the new features might attract some new users to the app.  Continue reading