AnTuTu lists the most popular Android smartphones of Q3 2016

AnTuTu is a benchmarking website most of you have probably heard about thus far. The website tests how powerful smartphone hardware is, and we often find out news about upcoming smartphones because of AnTuTu. AnTuTu tends to release their top 10 smartphone lists from time to time, usually at the end of each quarter, and this time is no different.

This is a list of top 10 popular smartphones for a period from July 1st to September 30th. Continue reading “AnTuTu lists the most popular Android smartphones of Q3 2016”

Unknown prototype phone scores a record 203,737 on the AnTuTu benchmark test

AnTuTu is not only one of the most popular cross-platform benchmarking services, it’s also rather hard to fool, and is how the tech world ends up learning more details about a lot of upcoming devices. An unknown prototype device showed up on AnTuTu yesterday with a beckmark score of 203,737. The current high score for a known model is the 172,644 rung up by the Apple iPhone 7 Plus powered by the A10 chipset. The Apple iPhone 7, with the same chip inside, tallied 170,124.

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Xiaomi teases remarkable AnTuTu score of Mi5s

The Xiaomi Mi 5s one of many beastly smartphones likely to drop this side of the new year. The first time the Mi 5S showed up on Antutu we didn’t  get a score, just a bunch of details like the android version, the type of processor, GPU, and screen resolution. The reason might be because the phone wasn’t well optimised yet or Xiaomi was just bidding its time.

Today, the Xiaomi Mi 5S’ Antutu score was released online. The Mi 5S scored a whooping 164002 points, overtaking LeEco’s Le Pro 3 which used to be the former champion with a score of 163594. That is a very high score that was slightly topped at 164,119 when the handset made another AnTuTu test run.

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HTC Nexus Sailfish to be as fast as Galaxy Note 7

HTC is rumored to manufacturer two Nexus smartphones this year. The earlier leaks from GFXBench revealed the devices to be codenamed as Marlin and Sailfish.

Earlier today, an AnTuTu screenshot surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, alleging that the upcoming HTC-made Google Nexus Sailfish was put through the benchmark test. The phone also turned up on Geekbench browser under the name “google sailfish”.

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