iPhones users, Siri can help others access your contacts, messages and possibly nude pics

Your iPhone might not be as secure as you think – even when your device is locked and protected with a passcode.

A recently discovered security flaw affecting iOS 8.0 and up lets anyone bypass an iPhone’s password lock screen to access data including contact information, message logs as well as photos. The method is detailed in the YouTube video above by popular tech YouTuber iDeviceHelp and requires two things: physical access to the device and that Siri has been enabled on the lock screen. Continue reading “iPhones users, Siri can help others access your contacts, messages and possibly nude pics”

iOS devices fail almost twice as much as Android devices

With iOS and Android waged in a long term battle for smartphone market share every quarter, device performance can often play a role in shaping the final results.

According to a report released today by Blancco Technology Group for Q3 2016, Apple is losing the app performance battle to Android with its iPhones and iPads failing at a rate of 62 percent worldwide, compared to the 47 percent failure rate of Android devices. Continue reading “iOS devices fail almost twice as much as Android devices”

Apple may be in the process of inventing Google Glass, or Microsoft HoloLens, which could it be?

Google Glass promised a sci-fi style future where we’d never forget a person’s face or lose our way in a city. Unfortunately, it also ran into a host of privacy problems and was ultimately scrapped. Google has now moved onto VR, like most in the industry.

On the other hand, Microsoft believes AR is the way ahead. Microsoft’s new HoloLens project has shown the tech world where the future of augmented reality might lead, and Apple is making moves to catch up with its own AR product, that much, CEO Tim Cook has made clear. Continue reading “Apple may be in the process of inventing Google Glass, or Microsoft HoloLens, which could it be?”

Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Wallpapers

After months of rumours, the new MacBook Pros are here, packing new hardware, a new design, and an undeniably cool OLED panel on the keyboard.

Apple finally announced an update to the Macbook Pro on October 27th.  Vlad Savov from The Verge has something quite interesting to say about the new Macbook :

Professional video editors and photographers have been waiting for a new Pro laptop — but this midrange MacBook Pro probably isn’t that. Instead, the world’s coffee shops are filled with nomadic professionals seeking an Apple computer to replace the much more ubiquitous, but now dated, MacBook Air. So while Apple has been busy crafting the Pro MacBook, the way it will be received by most people is the way that I’m addressing it today: as a Pro MacBook Air.

Continue reading “Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Wallpapers”

Huawei aims to displace Apple from the No. 2 position within two years

Huawei had introduced two new flagship devices yesterday, the Huawei Mate 9 and the Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design. The Huawei Mate 9 was one of the most anticipated smartphones this year, and is indeed a true powerhouse. The most interesting thing about it though, even though it has quite a few, is that Huawei claims that the machin-learning incorporated into the device will ensure that it learns your usage patterns and gets faster with usage and time opposite of what android smartphones are supposed to do.

Having that in mind, we knew that Huawei has big plans for the future, we’re talking about the third-largest smartphone manufacturer here after all. Huawei’s officials have gone on record before about their goals and today is no exception. Continue reading “Huawei aims to displace Apple from the No. 2 position within two years”

Android is as secure as iOS, Pixel as secure as iPhone

If someone tells a security enthusiast that an Android smartphone is more secure than an iPhone, there are chances that he or she may simply laugh it off. For years, Android phones have been known to be vulnerable when it comes to security compared to iOS, largely thanks to the difference in how security patches are rolled out across iOS and Android. But, Adrian Ludwig, the director of security at Android, vehemently disagrees in a short interview given to Motherboard.

“For almost all threat models they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities,” said Ludwig referring to the level of security needed by most people. Continue reading “Android is as secure as iOS, Pixel as secure as iPhone”

Samsung still leading but Apple closes in while Huawei closes in on Apple

As is the case every three months, IDC (International Data Corporation) releases quarterly figures for top smartphone manufacturers in the world (along with some additional info). IDC is back with it’s numbers for Q3 2016 and all one can say is that the Galaxy Note 7 did indeed damage Samsung a lot. It had a serious impact on the company’s profits in the third quarter of this year, as Samsung managed to produce the worst results in the last 8 years.

But still, that wasn’t enough to bring Samsung down from the number one spot. Although, it previously out-shipped the next two smartphone makers — Apple and Huawei — combined, that lead did not hold this time around. Because of the iPhone 7 doing well, and the Note 7 not, Apple has closed in on the gap a whole lot. That doesn’t necessarily mean Apple’s declining iPhone sales have started showing signs of recovery though because Huawei, is now closer than ever to Apple.
Continue reading “Samsung still leading but Apple closes in while Huawei closes in on Apple”

Apple’s A10 fusion chip smokes the competition, we knew, now we know why

Apple’s A10 Fusion chipset is the first time that the company has introduced a total of four processing cores. Two of them are power cores, while the remaining two are efficient cores, similar to ARM’s Cortex-A53. The latest Chipworks teardown managed to compare the different cores sizes and what we’ve seen so far is that Apple really loves to design big cores, which have their own natural advantages, which we’ll get to in a while. Continue reading “Apple’s A10 fusion chip smokes the competition, we knew, now we know why”

Google Camera from Google Pixel dump now available for Nexus devices

Google’s Pixel smartphones have been on for pre-orders for a while now but they’re yet to reach the hands of their owners and yet (except if you’re with Telstra in Australia), we have seen the system dump leak, we got the Pixel boot animation, a bunch of APKs including the updated Google Keyboard, the new Dialer app from the Google Pixel, and also the most touted feature of the Pixel, Google Assistant. And now we have another much talked about feature, well, the software side of it at least, the Google Pixel Camera app.  Continue reading “Google Camera from Google Pixel dump now available for Nexus devices”

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