Download : Google Pixel Boot Animation [Black and White versions]

The Google Pixel phones have been selling like hot cakes, whether its the low supply or high demand I’m not yet sure. But whether you like the Pixel or not, the phones do pack some exclusive goodies just like any other OEM’s phones and wouldn’t we all love to get our hands on some? Continue reading “Download : Google Pixel Boot Animation [Black and White versions]”


Here is the new Moto boot animation

“Hello Moto” was Motorola’s slogan for a long time, since around or before the time of the RAZR flip phone. This iconic slogan was also a default ringtone for many who owned Motorola Handsets ( Me!).

In the past, while still under Google leadership, Motorola frequently update the boot animations on phones like the original Moto X. These weren’t necessarily big feature changes or a part of a software update, but they did add some life to phones that were months old and were something to look forward to.

Continue reading “Here is the new Moto boot animation”

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