Google Pixel has a weird image bug related to screenshots sent from iPhones

When you take a screenshot, on any device, it is essentially an image and as such, can be viewed on any other device without any problems, unless the format is proprietary and requires special software for access. But screenshots are mostly JPEGs so there shouldn’t be a problem viewing them on any computer or phone.

But according to some Pixel owners who are sent screenshots from an iPhone are receiving a wonky version of the image instead. The market is mature enough today that there aren’t many issues when it comes to cross-device compatibility but apparently, the flagships from Google and Apple don’t really like each other much. Continue reading “Google Pixel has a weird image bug related to screenshots sent from iPhones”


Pokestops and Gyms missing from Map : Pokemon Go

Since Pokemon Go launched, it’s been normal for Pokestops to disappear from the game’s map on occasion, usually because businesses or homeowners request them to be removed. But in recent days, many players have opened up the game, only to find absolutely no Pokestops or gyms in the area whatsoever. What’s going on here?

Continue reading “Pokestops and Gyms missing from Map : Pokemon Go”

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