Google’s new OS Fuchsia is Andromeda?

If you were to dial your time machines back to August 2016 (.. or you know, just use Google’s advanced search tools), you’d find a ton of articles about Google’s new OS named Fuchsia. It was speculated to be the merger of Android and Chrome OS we have all been hearing about for … very long now I think. Then there were rumors about a new OS called Andromeda around September which got covered even more extensively. Now a new article is circulating around on the web speculating Fuchsia and Andromeda are one and the same. Continue reading “Google’s new OS Fuchsia is Andromeda?”

The LeapDroid Android Emulator team got acquired by Google

Google is already a behemoth of an employer and the latest addition to the search giant’s burgeoning tech family might make it easier for you to play games and other more complex mobile apps on a Chromebook.

You can already run Android apps on a Chromebook, but would you probably will not run games and other intensive mobile apps on it, yet. LeapDroid is not just another Android emulator, it specialized in games.  Continue reading “The LeapDroid Android Emulator team got acquired by Google”

Samsung Chromebook Pro with come with not just an ordinary S-Pen but a PEN

Samsung has quietly listed a new Chromebook on its Korean website. Dubbed Chromebook Pro, it features a 12.3-inch touchscreen display (3:2 aspect ratio) with 400 nits brightness and a resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. It uses a 360-degree hinge and comes with a stylus. Samsung is not calling the stylus an S Pen, though. It’s now just called a PEN. Yes, in all caps, so you know its a big deal. Although, it looks exactly like the S-Pen from the now dead Galaxy Note 7 (which more than 1 million die-hards are still using) . Perhaps they had leftovers since the Note 7 production had to be stopped?


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Andromeda : Android/Chrome OS Hybrid might launch on rumoured Nexus 7 tablet

Hours before now, there was a report from Android Police that Google was working on a laptop, a successor for the last year’s Chromebook Pixel, to introduce the Android/Chrome OS hybrid Andromeda. According to the report, the new Google laptop is known internally as ‘Bison’ and has been given the informal ‘Pixel 3’ nickname.

Now another report out of 9to5Google mentions that there is a second device that will be launching with Andromeda, and that is a “Nexus” tablet, built by Huawei. Yes, that’s the rumoured tablet you may have heard.

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Nexus 9 being used to test Andromeda : Android/Chrome OS Hybrid

There have long been rumors of Google looking to merge Android for mobile devices with Chrome OS for laptops into a single operating system. The closest that Google has come to anything resembling the rumor is the ongoing work to allow Chromebooks, laptops which run on Chrome OS, to access the Google Play Store and run Android apps.

The rumor mill on the Android-Chrome OS merger is now once again buzzing due to a cryptic tweet by Android, Chrome OS and Google Play Store senior VP Hiroshi Lockheimer.

As you might have heard, word on the street has it that Google could be unveiling Project Andromeda on the 4th of October, which in case you haven’t heard, is Google’s vision of the future where Android and Chrome OS are merged together into a single platform. If you’re looking for more proof, you’re in luck.

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Andromeda : the merger of Android and Chrome OS might be teased on October 4th

If you thought Google’s October 4 event — where the firm is rumored to launch two smartphones, Google Home, Daydream VR, Chromecast Ultra, and Wi-Fi Routers — wasn’t packed enough, think again.

Since October of 2015 and before, we have been hearing of Google‘s plan to merge Android and Chrome OS into a single OS made to would work on phones, tablets, and even computers. With Google’s upcoming October 4 event quickly approaching, we’re now starting to hear that the fabled Android-Chrome OS merge might finally get announced alongside the new Pixel phones…

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Fingerprint scanner support coming to Chromebooks

Chromebooks have moved leaps and bounds since the first prototype was introduced at the end of 2010. Quite quickly, they have caught the attention of the laptop-buying public, thanks to the balances they strike between affordability, simplicity, and security.

Now, they’re getting even better. Some recent commits to the Chromium source code suggest that Google is looking to add support for fingerprint readers.

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Google is killing Chrome apps unless you have a Chromebook

Chrome apps are dying.

Google today announced that it’s planning to phase out support for its browser-based Chrome apps for every single OS except – of course – Chrome OS proper. That means no Chrome apps will be available to download on Windows, Mac or Linux starting the second half of 2017, and in early 2018, existing apps won’t load at all on those platforms.

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New “Fuchsia” OS from Google may combine Android and Chrome OS

Google appears to be working on a new operating system codenamed Fuchsia. The operating system seems to be written from scratch and targets different platforms like mobile and PC. It has been rumored that Google wants to unify the mobile and desktop worlds making a single OS for a better user experience. Today we learned from an anonymous source about Google Fuchsia. This appears to be an operating system project hosted on Google’s own GitHub that appears to be what everyone has been hoping Google would do.

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