Samsung Galaxy S8 : Exynos 8895 vs Snapdragon 835

Yesterday, Samsung took the wraps off its new Exynos processor 8895 which has long been rumoured to be used in the International Galaxy S8 variants. The chipset is already under mass production since the Galaxy S8 might be unveiled on April 21st. The variant to be released in the USA will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, thnks to Qualcomm’s firm grasp on CDMA-related patents which make it rather compulsory for companies to release modified versions of their devices compatible with local bands, only solidifying Qualcomm’s monopoly in the USA.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 : Exynos 8895 vs Snapdragon 835”

Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P Real world performance : Camera, battery; And Benchmarks

Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are available for pre-order right now, but the general public won’t start to get their hands on these devices for another week or two. Tech reporters got some hands-on time at Google’s launch event on October 4th, but camera testing wasn’t allowed, and the Wi-Fi coverage at the event was too flooded for real-world performance reviews.

Some may have been bummed to learn about the omission of optical image stabilization in the new Google Pixel phones. However, Google promises that the electronic image stabilization (EIS) will be more than enough for some really great photos and 4K videos with great shaky-cam correction. Continue reading “Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P Real world performance : Camera, battery; And Benchmarks”

Google Pixel battery apparently lasts nearly 40% longer than Nexus phones


If there were two things the Nexus phones weren’t known for, they were the camera and battery life. The camera improved somewhat with the Nexus 6P and 5X, however, the camera app on the Nexus still sucked. So to say, having a better battery life than a Nexus smartphone isn’t really a high bar to clear.Just to be clear, it isn’t a low bar either. But topping that with nearly 40% is something worthy of a dedicated article.

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Specs shootout : Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG V20

Google announced the first truly made by Google smartphones finally at the highly speculated event in San Fransisco. The phone packs some serious hardware.

However, is this enough to shake up the high branches of the smartphone market and steal away some potential buyers from Samsung and LG, which have some pretty strong offerings in that niche, namely the Galaxy Note 7 and the LG V20?

[Poll] Pixel & Pixel XL : Are they worth the price?

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LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : Specs showdown

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is just a month old and LG just unveiled its latest flagship the V20 while the Note 7 is still making headlines (for unfortunate reasons). And then the LG V20 has a huge 5.7 inch display. It seems like LG is screaming for a comparison with the Note 7 or its just us justifying our need to compare the two Korean rivals.

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iOS 10 vs Android N : which is leading the way?

Both Apple and Google use their developer conferences to introduce updates to their mobile operating systems. Google IO, held last month, introduced Google’s latest version “N” of Android, along with new apps.

Apple has done the same this week at its World Wide Developer Conference, introducing iOS 10.

While both Apple and Google are likely to be monitoring each others’ releases to stay competitive, there is a big difference underlying the Android and iOS approaches to feature development that means their respective focus will also differ.

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