Xiaomi’s Mi MIX will have Cortana pre-installed

It’s no secret that some Android OEMs, including Samsung, have been pre-installing some Microsoft apps on their Android apps as part of a partnership with Microsoft. In a partnership the Chinese phone maker made with Microsoft, Xiaomi was sold about 1,500 patents from Microsoft and in return, Xiaomi pre-installed a bunch of Microsoft Apps on its devices in return. And now it looks the company will be pre-installing Cortana on its devices such as the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi Mix. Continue reading “Xiaomi’s Mi MIX will have Cortana pre-installed”

Windows 10 : Let Cortana help you find discount coupons, send mails, play music and more

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, now has 133 million active users across 115 countries, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed on Monday during the Microsoft Ignition Conference. Even more impressive, those users have asked 12 billion questions since Cortana’s launch in 2015 alongside Windows 10.

If you’d like to be able to just bark commands at your PC, open Cortana by clicking the search field in the taskbar and select the Notebook icon in the left-side options pane. Select Settings from the list, then simply enable the Let Cortana respond when you say “Hey Cortana” option. You’ll need an active microphone for this to work, of course.

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Microsoft maybe onto something huge for Cortana and Windows 10

It’s no secret that Microsoft is betting big on speech recognition. You only have to look at Cortana to see how the company has pushed both its own boundaries and the industry as a whole.

Microsoft say they are working on a major breakthrough to bring proper computer speech recognition to the masses. A new ‘conversational speech recognition system’ could be closer than ever and will help computers to understand the melting pot that is human language.

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Cyanogen Inc. brings Microsoft’s Cortana to India

Last year, Cyanogen added deeper Cortana integration to Cyanogen OS which was done as a part of a deal between team Cyanogen and Microsoft. The integration has been officially available in different parts of the world and now, Cyanogen has announced the official availability of Cortana integration in India.

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Get Windows 10 in touch with your Android phone

Q. Now that I’ve installed the “Anniversary Update” to Windows 10, how do I get my Android notifications to show up on my PC as promised?

A. The free upgrade to Microsoft’s operating system that shipped last week includes some nifty features, but the most surprising one benefits mobile devices running another company’s operating system.

(Consider this yet another sign of how little the Microsoft of 2016 has in common with the Microsoft of 1996.)

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Windows 10 is why PCs won’t be dead

Microsoft released Windows 10 in the summer of 2015, but unlike previous versions of the operating system, it was meant to be the “final” version of Windows, updated into perpetuity. Now, the company is preparing its first major update available to everyone on August 2.

We spent a few days messing around with all the new stuff in the final update, officially dubbed Windows 10’s Anniversary Update. Although it’s not a wholesale overhaul, it definitely brings along a few new tricks you’re going to want. Here are five of the best new features.

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