Android Gaming : DC Legends hits the Playstore, Asphalt Xtreme gets off road too, Pokemon Go to bring daily reward

Seems like a good day for mobile gamers as two high-profile games, DC Legends and Asphalt Xtreme, make their debut on the Google Playstore today and for fans of Pokemon Go, those who are still playing the game, Niantic now plans to reward you for the loyalty. Or it’s just them trying to keep players coming back more often.  Continue reading “Android Gaming : DC Legends hits the Playstore, Asphalt Xtreme gets off road too, Pokemon Go to bring daily reward”

DC Legends coming to Android and iOS on November 3! Pre-register now to unlock free bonus at launch

Superheroes are so mainstream today than they’ve ever been. Each year consistently sees movies after movies and now we have just as many comic book based TV shows (and yet the fanboy in me misses the good old Smallville days ). The gaming industry is not that far behind either with several titles such as Injustice and a new spin on the Dark Knight by Telltale.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more of the most popular superheroes are sharing the screen once again with the Joker, Harley Quinn, Doomsday and more this fall. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the upcoming release a new mobile game starring superheroes and super villains at New York Comic Con on Thursday, Oct. 6. The game is set to launch on November 3. Continue reading “DC Legends coming to Android and iOS on November 3! Pre-register now to unlock free bonus at launch”

AT&T acquires Time Warner (incuding Superman, Batman, DC Comics, Warner Bros. among others)


AT&T has reached a deal to acquire Time Warner for more than $85 billion, a blockbuster deal that fuses a mobile giant with an entertainment conglomerate, carrying with it the potential to reshape the media landscape.

The two companies on Saturday jointly announced the deal, unanimously approved by both boards, that will see the mobile company pay $107.50 per share in a cash and stock transaction. The deal represents a marriage of Time Warner’s limitless movie and television empire with AT&T’s 315 million wireless subscribers. Continue reading “AT&T acquires Time Warner (incuding Superman, Batman, DC Comics, Warner Bros. among others)”

Man Of Steel sequel : Why it should’ve been done before

Superman may not be the most popular DC character right now but Superman is still the most important character in the DC Universe and getting him right seems to be so hard for the writers. They say he is too powerful, he is unrelatable, it’s hard to find a real challenge for him.  But ask the fans and they’ll tell you how Superman is relatable and how despite him being an alien, he is the most human DC Superhero there is. And that’s how you write Superman. That’s where he shines to a mature audience, not in all the cool things he can do but in his character.

Continue reading “Man Of Steel sequel : Why it should’ve been done before”

How Batman v Superman caused a Civil War in Marvel

It’s been another banner year for comic book movies. Aside from Suicide Squad, which has been out only a week, each movie has grossed over $500 million. That kind of box office success is no longer a surprise, but an expectation. Deadpool is arguably the best of the bunch, but only Captain America: Civil War has managed to receive critical acclaim and cross the hallowed $1 billion barrier.

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DC Heroes are Iconic, larger than life and hence, unrelatable. But is it really a problem?

The unmitigated success of Captain America: Civil War coupled with Batman v. Superman being seen as something of a disappointment has Marvel yet again standing above DC Comics in not only the box office race, but in the realm of critical and audience acceptance. Obviously, the former matters more to both studios than the latter, but the disparity between the two brands at this point is palpable. It seems that in many ways Marvel has found the key while DC continues to pound on the door.

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A Man Of Steel sequel is reportedly in “active development”

In a (very strange) response to the recent goings-on with the DCEU, Warner Bros. is reportedly moving forward with a belated Man of Steel sequel. A new report claims that the project is now in “active development,” and will join DC’s crowded blockbuster schedule for the next few years.

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Comic-Con 2016: First The Flash Season 3 trailer debuts

Dr. Alchemy will be one of The Flash‘s primary villains in season 3, the first trailer for the upcoming season reveals.

The footage, debuted during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, shows Barry dealing with the repercussions of his actions in the season 2 finale. Having completely altered the timeline, Barry returns to present day to find a completely different world than the one he left. Cisco is the richest man in America, Barry’s parents are still happily married, and Iris has no idea who he is.

The trailer also teases one of the season’s big bads, Dr. Alchemy. Another speedster can be glimpsed in the trailer, however, as can Kid Flash.

The Flash star Grant Gustin revealed that the show’s take on the comic book storyline Flashpoint won’t likely last as long as many fans are expecting. Additionally, the Legends of Tomorrow panel revealed that villains from The Flash and Arrow will appear in the second season.

The Flash returns to The CW on Oct. 4.

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‘The Flash’ cast talk Flashpoint and more at Comic-Con panel

In a new trailer for The Flash that screened Saturday evening at Comic-Con, Barry (Grant Gustin) narrates, “Some things happen by chance, and some things happen because we make them happen.”

There could be no better theme for Season 3 of The Flash, which — as has already been excitedly reported — will deal with Flashpoint aka a new world thanks the events of the Season 2 finale, where Barry chooses to go back in time, save his parents, and live in a world where they survive.

Needless to say, this is going to have some major consequences throughout the universe, many of which were teased during the panel.

Below, check out 10 things we learned about the new seasons of both The Flash andSupergirl (which had its Comic-Con panel right beforehand). To get it out of the way early: Yes, more crossovers — this time among all the properties — are planned.

1. When The Flash picks up, it’s three months after the events in the finale. “First Barry doesn’t realize how much has changed,” Gustin teased. “The whole reason he did this is his parents would be alive. When we first see him, he’s unaware of what changes are out there.”

2. “We’re doing two Big Bads [this year],” executive producer Todd Helbing explained. “One is a speedster. The other is Dr. Alchemy.”

3. As seen in the new footage, Cisco has undergone quite a transformation in the new timeline.  Cisco is “an ostentatious billionaire,” Carlos Verdes teased about his character. His speciality? “Making money. He’s always flexing how much money he has and how rich he is.”

4. Tom Felton will be joining The Flash as Julian Dorn. Felton was fairly tight-lipped about where his character’s loyalties are, but when asked if Barry and Co. should see him as a threat, he cracked, “I think any guy I play you should see as a threat… There’s definitely some friction between Grant and Julian.” Well played, Draco Malfoy.

5. On the Supergirl front, the show will be moving from CBS to The CW when it returns — making even more crossovers between the various metahuman shows likely. “We’re so grateful to CBS [for] launching this show, but we were all thrilled to learn about this because we do so much with The CW,” Supergirl executive producer Sarah Schechter said. “If you say metahuman, they know what you’re talking about. We’re happy to have everyone in the same place, literally and channel-wise.”

6. What’s Alex up to in Season 2? “What’s really cool about this season is we’ve established so much about who Alex is in the DEO and her relationships with John and Kara,” Chyler leigh shared. “But we didn’t really get to see much of her outside those elements. This season is an opportunity to see who she is and what she wants outside of that. …Where does Alex live? I have no idea [laughs]”

7. Quick recap: Jimmy and Kara kissed at the end of Season 1 of Supergirl. Is that ship going to sail come Season 2? “We ended up in a liplock,” Mehcad Brooks teased. “It’s weird because I read [episode]  201 and it starts with our wedding [laughs]. It’s a workplace relationship; it’s a new relationship it’s going to have ups and down. We’re both figuring out who we are and that may get in the way. We’ll see!”

8. Tyler Hoechlin is joining Supergirl as Superman. How does it feel to step into the iconic suit – which Hoechlin noted he has not tried on yet? “Incredibly surreal. I know this character means so much to so many people. There’s a responsibly to the character. I take it on with great pride. I’m excited to see what we do with that character in the context of this great world you’ve created.”

9. Wonder Woman Lynda Carter is joining the show as the President. “I think we should expect that a female president is going to lead well,” Schechter said with a knowing wink. “We’re with her.”

10. Between Melissa Benoist’s stint on Glee and Jeremy Jordan’s on Smash, it’s no wonder many fans are pulling for a musical episode of Supergirl at some point. “It would be silly not to recognize all the talent,” Schechter noted. “We’ve thought about it.” The cast then pointed out that between takes on set, it already is pretty much a 24/7 musical.

Psst…can we get some footage of that? Thanks in advance.

Supergirl will premiere Oct. 10; The Flash will premiere Oct. 4

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