Google Duo : Where it fails

Google Duo has been out for Android and iOS for only a few hours now and I have already had a few discussions about it. I know it sounds really great but now having used the app for a while and also being pointed out by some unknown online friends, all I can say is all those reviews out there claiming it can be a rival to FaceTime, could not be more wrong. Here’s why :

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Now that Android has matured, do you still feel the need to root?

Rooting is one of those rites of passage that people look to as a milestone in geek cred. rooting a phone allows you to really dig in to the guts of Android and really tweak it so that it’s just right for you. It allows you to customize everything from what software appears on your phone (including the dreaded bloatware) to how strongly your phone vibrates. Most notably you can rid yourself of the bloatware that comes on just about every carrier branded phone these days.

Android Lollipop was a very mature operating system. It didn’t address things like vibration strength or bloatware, but anything else you wanted to change, you could change. I have been using Xperia devices for a while and they’ve had a theme engine much before anyone else, although not as robust as others its still pretty decent.

Few versions of Touchwiz later and we started seeing theming built into the operating system. So if I wanted to get a whole new set of icons I could really make my phone pretty. The HTC 10 allows you to “free yourself from grids” and arrange pictures on a screen literally anywhere you want to launch apps. Other theming apps like Themer allow you another level of control and customization to your device, and all of these come with a warranty. So woot!

So it begs the question, with Android being such a mature operating system with such a wide variety of apps and tweaks that allow you to customize a ton on your phone, is it worth it to root anymore just to take the customization level to 11?

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